Roblox’s Top 8 Horror Games That You Should Play

Gamers have always felt a strong sense of community. The bond between gamers has been strong, no matter if they are playing online with strangers or searching for Among Us Discord servers. Roblox is quickly becoming one of the most community-rich platforms among the many open-world community games. It allows you to create your own games. It offers a variety of games that cover all genres including roleplaying, shooters, and Horror games. Today’s focus is on the most frightening Roblox horror games that will make you shiver. 

8 Best horror Roblox Games

This list includes both single-player and team-based creepy horror Roblox games.

  1. Bear (ALPHA)
  2. SCP: Roleplay
  3. Happy Oofday! (ALPHA)
  4. The Rake: Classic Edition
  5. Insane Elevator
  6. The Asylum
  7. Breaking Point
  8. Blair

Bear (ALPHA)

Bear is one of the most terrifying Roblox games. To win, you may need to work together. Roblox players will find themselves on the same map in this survival horror game. One of the 10 players is Bear, who is responsible for hunting down and eliminating all others. 

Survivalists have multiple weapons they can use against Bear. Players may be able to survive on their own. They will need the assistance of their teammates to defeat it and win the game. Is your team up for the challenge?

SCP: Roleplay

This Roblox horror game is short for Secure, Contain, and Protect. It has a fascinating story and roleplaying components. The government finances the SCP foundation as part of the SCP universe. It is responsible for protecting the world against various anomalous creatures.

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SCP players will have the opportunity to play the different SCP characters in the plot, including a scientist, Class-D SCP, a security guard, and many others. If you have been curious about the world of SCP, this is the perfect time to get involved in Roblox.

Happy Oofday! (ALPHA)

Happy Oofday! The new Happy Oofday! is a remaster from the 2018 original that scared Roblox users into trying it. Oofday, a Roblox-exclusive single-player horror Roblox game, has been split into different chapters.

Chapter one of Oofday is about a birthday party. To celebrate your birthday, your friends invite you to an abandoned yellow home. You don’t know that the house is haunted and possessed by oof, an evil yellow spirit. Happy Oofday, a hilarious and terrifying Roblox game that has multiple endings, and can take you anywhere.

The Rake: Classic Edition

Roblox’s horror game, The Rake, is inspired by the creepypasta character of that name. This survival horror game is hugely popular. You will be paired with The Rake (a grey creepypasta humanoid creepypasta) to get on a map.

You will need to survive the Rake in a variety of places and across multiple modes. This is one of the most terrifying Roblox games you should play.

Insane Elevator

Roblox’s horror game, Insane Elevator, is a fun one that reduces the terror a bit and can be enjoyed by all ages. For a chance at various rewards, players will need to climb into an elevator in Insane Elevator. Players can adopt the identities of several killers from various media, including Pennywise the Clown and Sired Head.

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You must survive multiple levels and complete challenges as a player. Invite your friends to join you in the Insane Elevator.

The Asylum

Eagle Studios, an independent company that specializes in horror Roblox games, has created The Asylum. The Asylum is divided into chapters that allow players to explore the abandoned institution and try to solve the mystery.

Chapter one takes you around the asylum. If you dare, try this terrifying Roblox game.

Breaking Point

Breaking Point, a well-known horror video game on Roblox, was originally prohibited for being too frightful. It is a multiplayer murder mystery game in Roblox that allows multiple Roblox players to sit around one table and start a game.

All players have the same goal: eliminate all others. This is done by using weapons and taking turns. The game has multiple game modes, including “Who Did it”, where a player is chosen as the Murderer and other players have to guess their identity. It is a scary and fun multiplayer Roblox game.


Phasmophobia is a game that has been a major success in popularizing horror. Blair on Roblox is a reinterpretation of that game. You can play a multiplayer game and explore different maps to find ghosts.

The ghost attempts to eliminate each player as you attempt to identify it. Blair is a fun and scary Roblox game that you can enjoy with your friends.


We hope you have fun with all these scary Roblox games. Roblox is a very popular game and isn’t restricted to any one system. Roblox can be installed on Chromebook without any difficulty.



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