The best Book publishing companies in India

So, you’ve written your manuscript and are now looking for a publisher?  Here I am sharing some

Best Book Publisher In India

1.  Amazon KDP:

Best Book Publisher In India

amazon is the best book publisher in India, Without the burden of going through a traditional publishing company, authors may sell their books directly to Amazon’s enormous audience through the Kindle Direct Publishing, or KDP, technology.

Authors can publish eBooks and paperback books using KDP without paying any upfront fees or placing inventory orders.

 Pricing- Free to Upload

Royalties- 70% on eBooks between $2.99 and $9.99 or 35% below $2.99


2.  Apple Books

Best Book Publisher In India

 The iBooks app has been replaced by Apple Books. The Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch all support it. It is available for no-cost installation from the iOS App Store. EPUB, PDF, and audiobooks from the Apple Store are all supported by the Books app.

Pricing- Free to Upload

Royalties- 70% on most books.

Another name that needs no introduction, Apple books have been one of the favorites for many traditional publishing houses as well as authors for time and eternity. Apart from KDP, Apple Books is one platform where most writers get their books listed.

Not only getting your book published on Apple Books is easy, but promises you a wide range of readers.

3.  Barnes & NoblePress

Best Book Publisher In India 

Independent publishers and authors can find everything they need to publish print and digital books for consumer purchase on Barnes & Noble PressTM, the company’s cutting-edge self-publishing platform, or they can print stunning books for their own use.

 Pricing- Free to upload

Royalties- 70% on ebooks priced above $0.99 B&N isn’t as popular in India as it’s in the West, however that doesn’t make B&N a small name. One of the toughest contenders to Amazon, it lets you price your book for free on the platform and lets you market your books too.

 4. Smashwords

Best Book Publisher In India

We make it quick, free, and simple for writers and publishers to distribute ebooks to the major ebook distributors and platforms used by libraries.

Authors and publishers have full control over how their works are published, sampled, priced, and sold.

 Pricing- Free to upload

15% of the retail price on Smashwords and 10% on other platforms per copy sold. Distributes to Apple Books, B&N, and Kobo.

5. BlueRoseONE  

  Best Book Publisher In India

Blue Rose One is the authority on book writing and self-publishing. A complete self-publishing guide for aspiring authors and publishers.

Established in October 2012, It has more than 50000+ registered authors and thousands of followers on different social media sites and a phenomenal reach in over 140 countries. With 50+ creative souls onboard and 3000+ accomplished dreams on various shelves, Blue Rose has now become a huge family which is growing with every passing day and becoming the best book publisher in India.

 Price – Free to 18990


6.  Kobo

Best Book Publisher In India

An electronic reader called the Kobo eReader is made in Toronto by Kobo Inc. The name of the business is a “book” anagram.

When the first iteration of the device was introduced in May 2010, it was positioned as a more affordable, minimalist alternative to other e-book readers on the market.

 Pricing- Free to upload

Royalties- 70% on ebooks priced more than $2.99 in the US or 45% for books priced below 2.99

Kobo or Rakuten Kobo is another large publishing fish in the sea of books and has a strong presence in the international market.

If you want an international reader base within your pockets, you should give serious thought to Kobo.


7. Notion Press

Best Book Publisher In India

It is easy to publish with Notion Press. Create a Notion Press account, then decide whether you want to publish your book using the Guided Publishing or Xpress

modes. To publish your book with Notion Press, simply follow the steps.

Pricing- Free to Upload.

Dedicated packages for traditional publishing are available. Royalties- 70% of the net profit on sales.

Another mid-range company in the publishing industry offers some best market practices.

Not only does Notion Press give you complete exposure to the Indian market but lists your books on international platforms too.

Best Book Publisher In India 

Shabd, a recently launched writing, reading, and publishing platform, offers a variety of amazing features, including the ability to read books, write one’s own books or short articles, publish those works, and sell them online. Shabd also offers services for marketing and promotion, such as book reviews and influencer marketing.

The very best? You have the option of reading and publishing your book for free or for a fee; if you choose to charge for it, you will receive 80% of the royalties.

You may easily establish an account on Shabd, register yourself, and begin writing right away. 

Pricing- Free to Upload 4 publishing packages.

Royalties- 80% on all books.

Marketing and Promotions are available.

Complete dedicated and experienced teams available.

With amazing services, and an online self Book Publishing platform offering hundreds and thousands of free and paid books organizing umpteen competitions to giving away lucrative prizes, is here to stay for the long term.

There are many sites that help you in self-publishing your work in India.

Amongst these publishing houses and platforms that can help you in writing and getting your first book published, there’s a newly launched writing, reading, and publishing site known as “Shabd” which offers many amazing features like reading books, writing your own books or short articles, getting their books published and selling them online, even giving services for marketing and promotions like book reviewing and influencer marketing. Best thing?  If you’re looking for new Publishers in Delhi, you can definitely contact us on

 You can simply register yourself on Shabd, create an account and start writing right away.  Even if you are looking for Hindi or self-publishers in Delhi, Shabd is the one for you.

If you’re a writer waiting to get published, if you’re an author looking for selling your book online, or if you’re a reader wanting to read a good book, come and join us on Shabd today.

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