India’s Top Pvc Electrical Pipe Manufacturers In 2023

Stainless steel pipes dominated the piping sector prior to the commercialization of PVC pipes. These pipes were expensive, difficult to maintain, heavy, and prone to bursting. Chemical engineering has dramatically transformed our surroundings as science has advanced in the past few decades. Our daily lives demonstrate the use of its goods, and the development of piping technology has only been a great benefit to humanity. The creation of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one such gift from the chemical engineering portals.

pvc electrical pipe manufacturers

PVC used in pipe construction as well as contour applications, like doors and windows, in rigid form. Electrical conduit, tubing, or other types of enclosures used to protect electrical pipelines and wiring. In India, there are several pipe manufacturers who produce pipes while taking their target market’s needs into consideration. Population growth has led to an increase in demand, which has led to an expansion in the production process. The ideal pipes to use are those that have ISO certification or an equivalent. Some of the leading PVC electrical pipe manufacturers in India are listed below.


Balco is the industry innovator that blends cutting-edge technology with first-rate customer service to provide the most sophisticated and varied PVC products available. When they first started off in 1991, they produced rigid PVC electrical conduits in accordance with international standards. They were the first business in Kerala to get ISI accreditation for the production of electrical conduits. They switched to producing uPVC pipes in the 1990s to better serve Kerala’s industrial and residential water management needs. Later, they expanded the line of items to include rigid PVC electrical conduit fittings, solvent cement, and garden hoses. 


The corporate headquarters of the Finolex industry is located in Chhindwara, Maharashtra. After establishing a PVC plant in 1981, Finolex went on to successfully develop a large PVC plant manufacturing facility in Ratnagiri in the year 1994. It is currently one of India’s top manufacturers of pipes with experience in the PVC piping industry. More than 900 dealers and 21,000+ merchants make up the Finolex network, which shows how rapidly the company is expanding. This company manufactures pipes for use in plumbing and agriculture. It consists of pipes for casing, columns, grids, PVC, CPVC, SWR, underground pipes, etc. Along with the pipe, they also generate lubricants and solvents for better working.


With years of experience in developing creative and affordable piping solutions, Supreme is a well-known innovator in India’s plastic industry. The company’s goal is to provide a uniquely designed, high-performance line of piping products to fulfill the expanding needs of its clientele in the water, waste management, and infrastructure sectors. . Each product has specifically created to meet the demands of a particular application, making it practical.At Gadegaon, which is only 18 km from Jalgaon city, Supreme has constructed an enormous project. 


These pipes are safe to use and can handle fluids of all temperatures. These pipes are safe to use and can handle fluids of all temperatures. They offer a wide range of pipe options to customers by including pipes in different sizes and price points.


In 1996, Astral Pipes founded with the goal of producing drainage and plumbing systems in India. Today, the company provides for the needs of millions of households while also making a significant contribution to the expanding real estate market in India. With modern manufacturing facilities spread around the country, Astral Pipes can meet the demands of various clients and geographical areas. The company’s six manufacturing plants across the nation have automated material handling and feeding systems installed.


In order to properly install submersible borehole pumps up to 1,000 feet deep, Ashirvad Pipes was the first to produce and develop uPVC column and riser pipes. Ashirvad Pipes has remained persistent in its commitment to quality and support since 1975. Ashirvad Pipes, a National Award winner and the market leader in PVC and CPVC pipe systems, is ISO 9001:2008 certified. The company is a significant producer of PVC pipes in India. In its state-of-the-art facilities, the company manufactures a wide range of high-tech, superior-quality plastic pipe systems for domestic and agricultural usage. The production and warehouse management systems adhere to the highest standards of international excellence for a maintenance-free life.


They have more than three decades of expertise in the Indian pipe market and have seen firsthand the solid foundations for expansion of the pipe sector there. APL has had more growth in best quality management practices, which has been accompanied by an increase in sales as a result of best quality management that has been properly accompanied by servicing the clients with utmost sincerity. Their success is largely due to their exceptional talent, Information Technology changes, exceptional teamwork, and visionary leadership.


To satisfy the needs of developing India, Prince Pipes and Fittings Pvt. Ltd. consistently aspires to expand its product line.They dedicate to improving plumbing, irrigation, and sewage systems so that the nation can meet its.Prince Pipes is a water conservationist who wants to make sure everyone has access to clean drinking water. He plans on using Zero Defect Manufacturing Technology so that his piping systems are effective and affordable. The underground drainage systems from Prince Pipes offer hassle-free sewage disposal in every circumstance. To enhance groundwater levels in catchment regions, Prince Pipes designs roof-water harvesting systems for water collection and discharge. They also provide borewell systems for groundwater extraction.

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