Marketing Your Ebook Made Simple – Ebook Marketing Tips

If you sell ebooks for a living, you should know that marketing your ebook is one of the easiest things in the world. The ebook business provides you with all kinds of wonderful benefits. Some of these benefits include:

No shipping costs

  • Autopilot lifestyle
  • High profit margins
  • Easy marketing
  • Easy product creation
  • Ease of backend marketing
  • Joint venture opportunities
  • No middleman or dropshipping fees
  • Wake up to sales in your inbox
  • No boss or job to go to
  • Unlimited inventory
  • And more

If you currently sell ebooks and are having a hard time getting sales, you have to analyze what’s going wrong with your promotion strategy. 

Marketing your ebook is as easy as pie, but you may be underestimating the difficulty of the task. Even though selling ebooks is a great business to be in online, you should know that the fantasy is slightly harder than the reality.

Marketing your ebook doesn’t have to be hard, and I want to share with you a few tips that will help you to sell more of your products simply and easily. Let’s get right into it. 

Here’s the first tip for marketing your ebook, and getting more sales online so that you can have the business of your dreams:

1) Test price

It’s very tempting to price your ebook very low in the hopes that people will buy your cheap product, but think about what that suggests about your product. In all truth, you want to develop as much of a complete product as you can.

As a result of this, if you’re selling an ebook that doesn’t have any bonuses, has a decent sales page, if fewer than 50 pages in length, is in a low competition niche, and has a 30 day money back guarantee… you should consider testing your price in the $17 – $27 price range.

Now in all honesty, if your goal is to earn a 6-figure income from selling ebooks, it will take a lot of sales to earn this income – but there are other strategies that will help you to achieve this goal much faster. 

If you’re currently pricing your ebook at $7 or below, and you’re getting a few sales per day, consider raising your price to see how it performs.

You may be tempted to follow the Amazon Kindle method and price your ebook at $3 – $5, but how will you earn an amazing income at this low selling price? 

If you’re selling on Kindle, it’s best to take your ebook and place it on a website, where you can improve the sales page for it, add bonuses, offer a money back guarantee, add testimonials, and more so that you can increase the perceived value of the ebook.

If you want to make more money per sale, consider testing your price and raising it if it’s considerably low right now. Here’s another tip for marketing your ebook:

2) Have a great ebook cover image

With all of the available new tools such as Canva and Adobe Photoshop, creating a great ebook cover image is easy to do. It’s something that many ebook authors overlook, but it’s absolutely essential that your ebook cover image conveys value as soon as someone sees it. 

If you’re not good at graphic design, you can hire someone to create a cover image for you at a cheap price.

There’s a website called “” where you can hire freelance graphic designers to create a beautiful ebook cover image for you for only $5. 

This is insanely cheap, and the freelancers are very good at what they do. I had my internet marketing ebook cover images created from someone at Fiverr, and I’m extremely satisfied with how it came out. And it’s produced a lot of sales for me, and continues to do so.

I want you to understand something. Ebooks are intangible, so people may have a hard time wrapping their head around the concept of your book. To give them something to conceive in their minds that your ebook has value and is an actual book, a great cover image helps to perform this task.

Not to mention that a great cover image has been shown to boost conversion rates. Consider adding, changing, and upgrading your ebook cover image today to see how it will improve the sales of your ebook.

Here’s the last tip I want to give you when it comes to marketing your ebook online:

3) Perform opt in email marketing

Opt in email marketing is the process of offering something for free in exchange for a prospects contact information (usually their email address). Once you have their email address, you can follow-up on them via email with tips that are related to your ebook. 

Then at the end of your emails, you can provide them with a link back to your ebook sales page where they can uncover more of your advanced secrets that’s within your ebook.

Opt in email marketing usually starts with a landing page, or more specifically, a “squeeze page”. You can see an example of a squeeze page for my free ebook by visiting here. 

With opt-in email marketing, you have a prospect who has identified themselves as someone who is interested in the subject matter of your ebook, and it lets you know that they’re a good candidate to sell your ebook to.

The goal of opt in email marketing is to consistently email your prospects until they buy from you. Not all of your email leads will buy from you, but a good percentage of them will if you’re consistent with your marketing, and your email content is good.

Depending on your niche, I suggest sending follow-up emails every 1-3 days. When it comes to marketing your ebook, this is one of the best ways to do it, and you’ll give yourself a golden list of prospects who can earn money for you consistently everyday.


Selling ebooks is an incredible business, and marketing your ebook is one of the easiest things in the world to do. Even though the process of marketing your ebook is easy, always remember not to underestimate the difficulty of the task. 

It doesn’t matter if you have an ecommerce business, have a dropshipping website, do affiliate marketing, or if you’re a social media influencer, these ebook marketing strategies will work for you.

Once you have a system for getting sales, all it takes is constant repetition of your marketing efforts to see the consistent sales for your ebook that you desire. 

And hopefully within a few years, you’ll see the 6 or 7-figure income that you’re looking for come into fruition. The ebook business is yours for the taking, and you can make this lifestyle come true with a little marketing ingenuity, and with the tips provided here today.

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