Apps for Android TV to Boost Your Smart TV Experience

Since its initial release a number of years ago, Android TV has been gradually but steadily developing as a platform. Due to its integration with the most recent Google technologies and a wide range of applications, the Android TV platform continues to have a commanding voice even as the competition between Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips, and other smart TV platforms heats up daily.

Best Apps for Smart TV

These are the top Android TV apps that will demonstrate what a smart TV is all about if you have an Android TV or have bought an Android TV box.

Apple TV

A lot of people believed that Apple would never release an Apple TV app for Android TV, but it did it last year! All current Android TVs should be compatible with the Apple TV app. Therefore, if you subscribe to Apple TV, you can now use your Android TV instead of a separate Apple TV box to enjoy it.

You can watch a tonne of original and third-party programming on the Apple TV platform with an Apple TV Plus subscription, including Mythic Quest, Wolfwalkers, Fireball: Visitors from Darker Worlds, and Acapulco.

You can have separate subscriptions to a variety of top channels like Paramount+, SHOWTIME, Starz, and more within Apple TV, similar to how you can with Amazon Prime, making it a kind of one-stop shop for most of your viewing needs (though of course, some people prefer to keep their different platforms in separate apps).


Alexa support is now built into many Android TVs. The Alexa app may appear even on slightly older models in the apps section of your home screen (if it doesn’t, your TV probably doesn’t support Alexa control).

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Install the Alexa app on your Android TV, then download the corresponding Alexa skill for your particular TV brand on your phone’s Alexa app (LG, Philips, Sony, and LG have their own ones, for instance). After that, adhere to the TV app’s instructions. To set this up, you’ll need to have both your phone and TV apps open. Once you have, though, Alexa voice commands for your TV are now possible.

The level of functionality will change depending on the make and model of your particular TV.

Cinema HD

One of the best ways to stream content from different home devices on your home network, from Wi-Fi media centers to PCs, is with Cinema HD v2 for smart tv, the mega media platform that doesn’t require much introduction. The unending supply of add-ons, which give you access to streaming services from around the world, is what many people consider to be this product’s real selling point. These include some trustworthy websites like Fox Sports and BBC iPlayer.

Other Kodi add-ons are a little sneakier, providing streams created by Kodi users around the globe that let you watch free international TV, cable, and movies. The point is that Kodi can be used for a tonne of different things; it’s up to you to decide what is legal and what isn’t.

X-plore File Manager

The distinction of “best file manager software for Android TV” has been vacated since ES File Explorer was removed from the Play Store earlier this year due to suspicious connections to Chinese spyware. X-plore File Manager appeared to steal the show.

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With the help of this file manager, you can examine each file and folder on your Android TV in detail, just like you would on a desktop operating system like Windows or macOS. You can share files over Wi-Fi, sync your files between cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox, and delete, move, and copy files as you please. For those who want to delve deeper into their Android TV, it’s a straightforward app.


Android TVs now support Google Cast. Any video, audio, or image from your Android device can be cast to an Android HDTV using these devices. What if you purchase an Android TV while also being an iPhone user? You’d have significant compatibility problems, technically. This is due to Google Cast’s lack of support on iPhones. The ability to stream media from an iPhone to an Apple TV is provided by the inclusion of Airplay in them.

The introduction of AirScreen, an app that enables iPhone users to stream media content from an iPhone to an Android TV, has made life easier for iOS users. You can mirror the display of your iPhone on an Android TV by using AirScreen, which establishes an AirPlay server on your Android TV.

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Google Drive

Try the Google Drive app if you’d like to have access to all of your files on your Android TV. You can have unlimited access to all of your cloud data and view it all on the big screen by installing the Google Drive app on your TV.

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The Google Drive app is currently unavailable on the Android TV Play Store, which is the only issue. However, it does not imply that you cannot have it installed. You can always use apps like ES File Explorer to sideload or quickly install it. As an alternative, you can install the APK by putting a copy of it on an SD card.

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