An Ultimate Guide to Launch an OTT Subscription App


As per the latest news, the global OTT revenue is expected to reach $129 billion by 2023. The OTT industry has grown twice the number ever since its first introduction. Today multiple video content owners are managing and catering to successful OTT TV apps. Potential video content owners are also working their way toward building OTT streaming apps. But as it’s their first time, getting the right guidance is also important. You need to know the impact of this action and how to get started. 

If you, too, are looking to build an OTT platform app, then use this blog as a guide to get started. 

Why Are OTT Streaming Apps Gaining High Popularity?

If OTT apps are making headlines, there should be some reason, right? Here are the top three reasons that make OTT streaming apps a favorite amongst entertainment lovers. 

1. Cheaper

Creating the best OTT apps is relatively inexpensive. The best factor about creating an OTT app platform is the cost is very low. Since tools are available in the market, such as VPlayed, it becomes a cost-effective process. These tools offer a complete package wherein you can access features and so on. Without it, you would have to invest in multiple aspects, such as an app builder, particular features, etc. 

2. Good Content Library

Another reason why an OTT platform is growing popular is the range of content libraries being accessed. Since the content is fresh and unique, more users are compelled to invest. 

3. Access On Multiple Devices

Lastly, access to an OTT streaming app is quite easy. You can stream the app on any device, such as phones, laptops, tablets, smart TVs, etc. All you need to do is a single sign-in, and you get access to a range of content libraries as per your movie interest. 

Top Importance Of OTT Apps For Your Business

Before you can invest in OTT apps, there is one aspect you should know. How can OTT apps benefit your business? Let’s find out more below

1. Wider Popularity

When you create OTT apps, it becomes easier for your apps to be recognised. You can stream it on any device as mentioned above. This helps you to receive a better marketing aspect as more of it will be from word of mouth. 

2. Drives Higher Revenue

Lastly, driving revenue is one of the greatest advantages of OTT apps. Since your apps have good recognition, it becomes easier to drive more revenue for your business. There are tons of monetization models that can also help you drive higher revenue accordingly such as subscription-based, pay-per-view models, etc. 

4 Ways To Create OTT Apps

1. Build a content library

The first step to getting started is to create an unlimited and unique content library. You should always have better options in your content library. Exhibit content that is diverse and caters to the entertainment interest of your target audience. Also, keep your content saved in the cloud so that it becomes easy to conduct actions. 

2. Choose your business model

The second step is to understand what type of business model will suit your business. There are tons of businesses in the form of OTT apps. Based on the content you offer and the target audience you wish to cater to, choose your business model accordingly. Your business model could be of various types such as subscription-based wherein users will pay a fee for time to access your apps. 

3. Organize your backend

The next step you need to conduct is to organize your backend, in simple terms make use of a good tech stack. A good tech stack can help you run your OTT apps better. If you wish to seek help on this, invest in an OTT app platform provider that can help you get started and assist you in managing the backend

4. Create a reliable app

Lastly, work on creating a reliable app. Apps have become a popular medium to access any OTT content. On any device, a single download can help your target audience to access your app anytime and anywhere. Remember when you create an OTT app ensure that you conduct the following actions:

  • A simple user interface
  • Easy navigation menus
  • Simple features
  • Convenient monetization models, etc


The OTT industry is flourishing. Video content owners like you can unleash this opportunity and kickstart your OTT app development. To help you get started, use tools that can help you, such as OTT solution platform providers. These providers will help you create the ideal OTT app platform that can help drive more revenue. They also offer many features that enhance your OTT solution for the best. These are experts that you can trust to get started. So, when are you planning to get started?

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