3 Fruitful Ways To Display Facebook Feed On WordPress

According to E-marketers, Facebook has influenced 31.8% of social media users to make a purchasing decision. This helps us to understand that Facebook plays a significant role in purchasing intention. Hence, marketers and website owners have started embedding Facebook feed on WordPress. 

This helps them bring their business to light, gain exposure and increase their conversion rate simultaneously. So, if you struggle to display a live Facebook feed on your WordPress website, we are here to help! 

In this blog, we are discussing some of the best methods you can use to embed the Facebook feed on the WordPress website. Apart from that, we will also discuss the benefits of displaying a live Facebook feed on WordPress website, so that you become certain to give it a shot and include this in your marketing strategies. 

Benefits Of Displaying A Live Facebook Feed On Your WordPress Website:

We are listing down some of the amazing benefits of displaying a live Facebook feed on the WordPress website. 

1). Builds Social Proof 

Social proof is evidence that people have purchased your products or services and found value in them.A live Facebook feed will make a positive impact on your website visitors as well as target customers. An interactive social proof is a cherry on the cake. As a result, chances are higher that your website visitors will purchase from your business. 

2). Boost Website Engagement 

A live Facebook feed of your business will grab the visitors’ attention. You can also incorporate user-generated content into the Facebook feed. This will help your audience to relate more to your website. Eventually, they will scroll through your website and spend more time on it. 

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3). Enhance Brand Trust 

As a business owner, you must know that trust is your business’s foundation. Therefore to enhance the brand trust you can easily convey your brand story through a live Facebook feed on the WordPress website. This will enable you to communicate the value and voice of your brand in a better manner. 

4). Better Conversion Rate In A Budget-Friendly Manner 

In order to get a better conversion rate, you need to draw in your audience first. Luckily, a live Facebook feed on a website, helps you to retain customers for a longer time. This gives you a chance to nurture your target audience. Ultimately, aiding you to give a clear brand voice message and sell better. 

5). Improves Website’s  Ranking

The visual content on your Facebook feed can add magic to your website. And by magic, we mean organic traffic. Visual content is one of the efficient ways to clear content. Not only that, but also it helps the readers as well as the search engines to easily understand the written information. 

3 Fruitful Ways To Embed Facebook Feed On WordPress Website:

There are multiple ways you can embed a Facebook feed on a WordPress website. We are jotting down some of the amazing and easy ways to embed a Facebook feed on a WordPress Website, so have a look and include these methods in your marketing strategies. 

A). Using A Social Media Aggregator Tool 


One of the easiest ways to display a live Facebook feed on a WordPress Website is to use a social media aggregator tool. This can be easily done by a smart social media aggregator like Tagembed

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This innovative tool helps you to gather social media content and display it on any website in a customizable way. You can also create attractive Facebook feeds using the customization feature of this tool. 

It also has a moderation panel that helps to remove the content you do not want to showcase on your Facebook feed. This will help you to look presentable in front of your website visitors. 

The most admirable feature of this tool is that it is code free. This means that even if you are not tech-savvy, you can easily handle this tool. You just have to generate the embed code and paste it to your WordPress website’s backend. You can also design an attractive banner for a Facebook wall or highlight the ongoing marketing campaign. 

B). Using WordPress Plugins 

social media feeds by Tagembed

Plugins are the software add-ons that help you enhance your WordPress website’s capability. If you are a WordPress website owner, you must be aware of at least a couple of plugins. 

Most website owners rely on the Tagembed WordPress plugin when opting to embed the Facebook feed on WordPress Website. Using this plugin, you can have a fast and responsive Facebook widget. This implies your Facebook widget will adjust its size depending on your visitor’s device. 

You can also easily fetch content from specific profiles, mentions, etc. You also get an analytics feature that helps you analyze your Facebook feed’s performance. Facebook plugin by Tagmebed automatically updates the latest Facebook posts, videos, and other forms of content in real-time on the website. 

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C). By Using Facebook Embed Feature 

Facebook embed

Another easy way to embed a Facebook feed on WordPress websites is to use the embed feature. Once you click on the Facebook post you want to showcase on the website, you will see an embed option. You will see the code generated when you click on the embed option. 

You just have to copy the code and paste it at the backend of your WordPress website. 

However, this feature’s only drawback is that you have to repeat the entire process if you want to embed a new Facebook post on the website. 

Final Words

As business owners, we understand that it is difficult to take out time and revamp your website to keep up with the trends. Therefore we highly recommend having a Facebook feed on the WordPress website. This takes the entire hassle off your plate. A live Facebook feed makes your website look engaging and instantly contributes to the conversion rate. 

Once you easily embed Facebook feed on the WordPress website, it helps you to have a clear interaction with your target audience. Most importantly it will also help you to have an overwhelming influence in your industry. 

So don’t wait anymore. Use the mentioned methods to embed your Facebook feed on WordPress Website and see your business grow in no time. 

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