Patient Safety And Hospital Asset Management With RFID

Radio Frequency Identification, commonly known as RFID, is making significant changes in the environment of hospitals. Do you know how? In this post, we will talk about how RFID is taking patient safety to another level and why more hospitals should install RFID management systems in their hospitals.

RFID management software is not a new thing. It has created its name in warehouse management and retail stores already. The use of RFID in hospitals has been increasing at a rapid pace recently. Make sure to read the full post to know more about how RFID is changing hospitals for good.

RFID Instalment In Hospitals

If a person wants to install an RFID system in hospitals or places, he needs to take care of four major things. RFID tags, RFID readers, antennas and a central software to make the whole thing work synchronously. Once you have installed these four major components, you will get all the important benefits of having an RFID system.

Before going through the advantages of installing an RFID system in a hospital, let’s briefly discuss these four components to better understand the working principle of an RFID system.


RFID tags are nothing but tokens that can store and transfer data using radio waves. We have already seen its use in retail shops. You have to attach a tag for the item you want to track. You can store any kind of information in it. You can expect reliability as the whole system works based on radio waves.

Do you know there are two types of tags available in the market? One is called active tags. Although active tags are expensive, they have a power supply and a long range of working. Other types of tags are called passive tags. Passive tags do not have any inbuilt power supply. They also can store data, but the working area is much smaller than an active tag.

RFID Reader

RFID readers are items that can locate and transfer data from tags to the central software. You should have RFID readers if you want to make your RFID system work fast and efficiently. Modern RFID readers are available in different shapes. You can buy handheld readers to read an RFID tag. You can scan that token using an RFID reader when you want to read a particular tag.

RFID Antennas

The whole RFID system works on the principle of Radio waves. You need to install several antennas in your workplace for easy use. Without radio waves, the reader and token will not work properly. Make sure to consult with an experienced technician to install RFID antennas in the proper places.

RFID Management Software

You are almost ready to start the service if you have successfully installed tags, readers, and antennas. One central software is necessary to operate the whole system. RFID management software is the central piece that can control and manage the whole RFID system. The RFID software platform is capable of monitoring the whole system. You can get all the information with just a click. You are all set to start monitoring your place with these four major components.

Benefits Of Having RFID System In Hospitals

Here are some of the major advantages of using an RFID system in a hospital.

  1. Patient Safety

Using an RFID system, we can track any patient. All we need to do is install an RFID tag on their wrist. Once all four major components are in place, you can easily track a patient. You will receive their location, the important data regarding their treatment and all through RFID management software. Patient safety has evolved to a whole new level with RFID technology.

  1. Inventory Management

A hospital is where we need to manage multiple things, from medicines to expensive medical items and more. Inventory management with traditional methods is no anymore suitable. It can take a lot of time and energy, and you can’t expect accuracy.

Fortunately, the RFID inventory management system has made our work easy and smooth. RFID reader scanning and inventory management have become quick work if you install RFID tokens correctly.

  1. Authorized Entry

Before installing the technology, we saw multiple cases of unauthorized entry into hospitals and medical spaces. RFID has enabled us to monitor that easily with RFID management software. We can now check and restrict unauthorized entry in protected areas using RFID management software. Consult with professionals before installing the RFID system in your place.

  1. Tracking

Do you want to track a particular person or item and want to know their real-time location? RFID has made work easy and efficient. Tag the item with an RFID tag, and if you have installed antennas in proper places, using RFID software, you can see its real-time location even if it is moving.

We have tried to make you understand the basic working style of an RFID management system and how it can help hospitals and medical centres. We hope this post will be beneficial for you. Consult with an experienced person before installing the RFID system properly.

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