Scalable and Cost-Effective CRM Options for Small Businesses

In the digital space, a business can go big only if they are keeping up with the latest trend in technology. With the help of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, you can effectively manage campaigns, handle lead lifecycle and manage the business and user data appropriately.

You can increase your sales and provide a quality user experience with a great support system. There are many CRMs in the market with many advanced features and functionalities. You should consider all the benefits and go through the features to find the best for your business. If you are a small-scale business, you should consider the top Salesforce alternatives for small business. With this, you can get one based on your needs and that too within your budget.

Top 7 CRM Solutions For Small Businesses

If you have options, you can choose the one based on your unique requirements. Here are the top five CRMs you should consider for your business:

Bigin by Zoho CRM

It is one of the most simplified CRM tools which is specially designed for small-scale businesses. It has great features for marketing, sales, onboarding, and customer support to manage the lead lifecycle. The simple to use and simplicity of this platform make it best for sales and marketing needs for your business.

It also has end-to-end mobile-friendly features and you can manage collaboration easily with affordable pricing options. The user base of this CRM from Zoho is 87% small-scale businesses and 10% mid-scale businesses.

Zendesk Sunshine

Zenshine Sunshine follows a unique approach as it is built using the most trusted cloud platform AWS. It has features for customer support, lead management, and campaign management. Small businesses can get the complete picture of the lead with this from anywhere as it is a cloud-first platform.

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With its uses in IT and customer support, its user base is 56% small-scale businesses and 36% mid-scale businesses. It has unique features for a business to elevate customer processes and support services.


It is a CRM and email marketing solution platform that helps businesses in many ways. Being a scalable CRM, it can also help in providing the best experience to the sales and marketing team. With contacts and data storage, it has many tools for data migration and offers customised reporting.

While offering live support at affordable prices, it can be easily integrated with every major third-party tool. With its dominance in IT and marketing industries, 78% of its users are small businesses and the rest of them are mid-scale businesses.


If you are a small business and want to be creative from inquiry to complete the deal, HoneyBook is one of the best CRM available. It can simplify your business processes. It has features like invoice management, event scheduling, lead management, and payment management.

With simplified Quickbooks integration, you can enable more features in your CRM. It has a feature for sending payment reminders with a simple-to-use client portal. 98% of its user base is in small businesses and it is used in many industries like photography and event management services.

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It is considered the most affordable CRM with many features that are easy to use and many customisation features. Saying that It is scalable as well and can improve the productivity of sales and marketing teams in your business. It can be used for building a long-lasting relationship with the customers and managing every data and report of your business and customers.

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The users of Insightly CRM are 73% small-business and 20% mid-scale businesses. It can increase transparency and bring flexibility to your platform. It can automate business processes and improve workflow in a small-scale business like no other. Moreover, it can also be integrated with third-party tools as well.


It is a cloud-based sales channel that manages interactions with the sales team and customers. With high-quality features like one-click calls, event tracking, and lead tracking, it is a great tool for the sales team that comes with automation.

It can attract quality leads and give businesses AI-powered insights to ensure long-term customer relationships. It can increase business productivity and you can personalise the campaign as well. The users of this CRM are 67% small business owners and 27% are mid-scale businesses. With marketing automation, you can utilise this CRM to the fullest for your business.


If you are looking for a CRM that works on building customer relationships and many tools to streamline sales, Pipedrive is one of the best CRM. It encourages the sales team to streamline tasks and saves time 

With great functionality, Pipedrive is used by sales teams for every type of industry. With a 67% small-scale and 36% mid-level business user base, it is one of the fastest-growing CRM for small businesses.

Choose the Best CRM For Your Small Business

If you have your CRM-related requirements sorted out, you can easily outshine the competition with the help of a quality CRM for small businesses. There are many CRM available in the market that you can consider for your business needs. With the help of a UK HubSpot partner, you can implement market-ready strategies for CRM development and get scalable results with your business.

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