All About Cable Tie Mounts And Their Benefits

It will not be good to keep a lot of wires hanging here and there without any support. This makes things messier and cluttered. Mostly, in houses, there can be different wires like cables, TV wires, HDMI cords, and others.  If many such long wires are hanging from the appliances, it is better to hold them onto something you need cable tie mounts.

Many people (mostly electricians) use cable tie mounts to wind up all the wires to look neat and prevent them from getting damaged. A cable tie mount will do that job for you, as it will nicely hold the wires. As Cable tie mounts serve a wide range of purposes, they are used for different applications and places. 

All about cable tie mounts:

A cable tie mount is a small plastic tool or device that you can use to tie a wire or a group of wires firmly onto the wall. Different types of cable tie mounts are used for different places, like normal cable tie mounts, self-adhesive cable tie mounts, low-profile cable tie mounts, etc. Of all these, a self-adhesive cable tie mount is used mostly in houses and stands as one of the best. 

Types of cable tie mounts and their benefits:

Adhesive cable tie mount:

An adhesive cable tie mount is a tool you can use at any place to hold wires, like tying wire bundles or cables to walls, ceilings, plates, panels, etc. A screw is used to fix it firmly (only for high loads) to the wall to hold a bunch of wires so that it won’t break out easily. As it is adhesive, there is no need for a screw while using this tie mount. 


  • Provides 4 holes horizontally and vertically so that ties can be used in any direction based on individual needs. 
  • With a much more surface area and firmness, it will perfectly hold the wires or cables. 
  • Adhesive cable tie mounts come with a sticker on their back that can hold the wires. Thus, it can be used on surfaces where you can’t put a hole and for multi-purpose based on your needs. 

Screw type tie mount:

Screw-type tie mounts are much smaller when compared with adhesive tie mounts. It is built to have a hole for fixing it on the wall and two other holes to insert the tie that can hold the cables or wires


  • Smaller in size when compared with adhesive cable tie mounts and easy to use in different places. 
  • It is cheaper when compared with other tie mounts. 
  • Available in different designs.

Push mount tie mount:

Push mount tie mount has advanced facilities where you can just push the tie mount to the whole to insert it. It is much more comfortable for use on desks and walls. 


  • There is no need for a screw or screwdriver for installing a push mount tie mount. 
  • Just have to push the tie mount to insert it without effort. 

Push-fit snapper clip:

It is just like the push mount tie mount but offers additional facilities. It is round in shape that can hold the wires and probably will not need a tie to hold the cables.  This is best to choose a high-quality mount.

A cable clamp is a tool that you can use anywhere to hold wires, such as attaching a cable or cable to a wall, ceiling, plate, panel, etc. It is fixed with a screw (only for large loads) on the wall to hold the wire bundle so that it does not come out easily. Since it is adhesive, there is no need for screws when using this tether.


  • Does not require a screw or screwdriver for installation. 
  • Can be installed by just pushing it into the hole on the wall or bench. 
  • This holder can be reused again without taking it out. Even though it has a limit in size, the cables or wires can be taken out from it easily without wasting any ties. It offers a simple holding facility, which can fit the wires with a pressing. 

Cable tie mounts


A group without hanging without any arrangement will ruin the décor of your house, and it can also cause damage. Thus, it can create big trouble. So, it is better to hold the wires or cables onto something to keep it nice. These cable ties are available in different colours, styles and quality, picking up the best Cable tie mounts is important. Cable tie mount are a simple tool that can be used for this purpose. Here you can find all the information regarding cable tie mount and their benefits.

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