What to Look for in Real Estate Software & Post-pandemic Real Estate Software Success

If you work in real estate (or any other industry, for that matter), you know that the right tools not only make your job possible but also make it more efficient and effective. So if you’re just getting started in the business or want to improve your methods, you’ll need to look into a real estate software development company at some point.

When you start looking for tools to help you get better at your trade, you might be surprised by how many options there are. What gives? Because you don’t have to use only software that was made for the industry. Yes, it’s always better to focus on real estate-specific software, but if you’re a solo agent or work for a small agency, some of those programmes can be a bit pricey.

So, what should you look for when you go looking for real estate software solutions?

Contact Management

This should be the very first thing on your list of features. You’ll deal with a lot of people, including buyers, sellers, other agents, and people who offer different services. This feature should make it easy for you to put contacts into groups and work with marketing tools so that you can easily find potential buyers. Any real estate software must come with a tool for managing contacts that is both powerful and flexible.

Document Management

You’ll be dealing with a lot of documents, and you don’t want to have to rely on Google Drive for that. Any good real estate software will have a built-in document management system where you can store contracts, legal documents, property details, and client files.

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You’ll need a single point of entry for your accounting, bank reconciliations, tax reporting, the ability to keep track of any buyer/seller fees you need to manage, and powerful reporting tools. Financial reporting should be near the top of your list of must-haves.

Rent Payment Management

Even though selling homes will be the majority of what you do, you will also have to deal with rental properties. If that’s the case, you might need to be able to handle and/or process rent payments. This job should be made much easier by a good real estate solution.

Tenant Management

At the same time, you might also need to know how to deal with people who rent your properties. Even though most properties hire a third party to manage them, there’s no reason why you can’t add that to your list of services. If so, be sure your software can handle it.

Making Leads

Dealing with possible sales, purchases, and referrals will take up a lot of your time. Referrals and leads like these are incredibly important to the success of your business. You must make sure your real estate software can handle lead generation.

Street Views and Interactive Maps

You have to know as much as possible about the properties you sell. Possible buyers will want to know about the location, and you’ll need to be able to answer them. With built-in street views and interactive maps, you should be able to find out everything you need to know about the neighbourhoods and places nearby.

Social Media

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In the world we live in now, you have to use social media to market. But you don’t want to have to do it all by yourself. A good piece of real estate software will have a social media feature that lets you easily post about listings without having to do it by hand.

One good thing about modern technology is that you don’t have to rely on a solution that’s just for real estate. You might find a content management system that can do everything you need it to do. And as long as it has most of the above features, you should be good to go.

Post-Pandemic Real Estate Software Success:

The COVID-19 pandemic changed real estate forever. As a real estate agent, your success depends on adaptability. Many people are used to social distance and prefer remote meetings and tours.

Technology, including software that helps you perform tasks in new ways, is key to meeting clients where they are. In the following sections, we discuss how software can help you thrive in today’s market. We explain why you may want custom real estate software.

Excellent service:

During the pandemic, your clients have encountered companies that help them live healthier, more convenient lives. This is what many customers expect. You should focus on meeting clients’ and prospects’ needs instead of closing sales. (Sales will come.)

Reach out to your database to see how you can help with their housing situation. Another is sending out helpful content, such as blog posts about finding affordable homes in unaffordable areas.

Software that can help CRM (Customer Relationship Management):

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Prioritise Safety

Virtual tours may have begun during the pandemic to distance people. Health reasons keep people wanting them. For the same reason, some clients may prefer Zoom meetings. Due to the increased focus on health in recent years, virtual tours and meetings should always be an option.

Virtual Tours and Meetings are Helpful Software.


Virtual meetings and tours are convenient. Clients can view 10 properties online in one day, then visit 2 of their favourites. Or they can meet during the workday without driving to you. Consider these solutions as you navigate the post-pandemic real estate market.

Document Signing and Uploading Software

Easy Access

Your promotions must reach prospects online and offline. “Being social” isn’t enough. Your target market uses social media, so you must too. Gen Xers are more likely to use Facebook than Millennials.

Social Media Software

Make Sure your Software Works

Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software may not be enough for the tasks described above. If you’re constantly using workarounds to make technology work as you want, consider custom real estate software development with the help of a top real estate software development company.


There are many real estate platforms available now, but if you have specific needs, you might want to hire a real estate development company that can help you with extra app cost calculator features to make the software fit your needs. By doing this, you’ll be able to work closely with a company to make sure that your platform meets all of your goals for improving workflows and your company as a whole.

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