What to do If Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Not Responding?

Summary:- Microsoft Outlook supports PST file format. All important information, such as emails contact information, attachments and more. are saved in this form on your hard disk. The built-in Inbox Repair Tool also comes with Microsoft Outlook to repair the PST files. However it is the Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Not responding is a typical issue for all users. Check out this blog to discover what you can do if Scanpst.exe does not respond and when you see an error message on your screen.

Inbox Repair Tool has various options, but it is not able to repair severely damaged PST files. This tool is great to fix minor issues with issues with PST files. But, if the corrupted file cannot be fixed by this tool, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot get its data back.

Reasons for Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Not Responding Error

There are many reasons that could cause Outlook’s Inbox Repair Tool is not responding. The tool isn’t perfect. for instance, it’s able to repair moderately damaged files. The most frequent reason is that PST files are corrupted.

Prior to resolving an issue you must determine the root of the issue. Inbox Repair Tool may not respond for a variety of reasons. These reasons can differ depending on the user. Here are some typical reasons why Outlook Inbox Repair Tool not functioning effectively.

  1. The PST file can become damaged and severely and it is possible that the repair tool for the Inbox is not able to solve the issue.
  2. Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Outlook did not shut down correctly. It leads to scanpst.exe not functioning properly.
  3. The PST file might be infected by viruses. And the tool is unable to open the affected PST files. Therefore, it might not respond.
  4. The built-in PST repair tool might not be working because Outlook data files are too large. Outlook file’s data is in excess of the limit of their size.
  5. Sometimes Microsoft Outlook’s version Microsoft Outlook is very out of date. The tool can not restore its data.

What is an Inbox Repair Tool?

Microsoft Outlook provides a free PST Repair tool known as Inbox Repair Tool also named scanpst.exe. This tool is built into all versions of Microsoft Outlook. It fixes damaged PST files. This means that Microsoft Outlook can open them and display the contents of the files. Scanpst.exe can be found in various locations within various version of Microsoft Outlook.

PST files are prone to corruption quickly. They also can be susceptible to infection by viruses. This is why the Inbox Repair Tool is essential for each Outlook user. But, Microsoft Outlook’s Inbox Repair Tool is not responding is a frequent issue. This is due to the fact that this utility, which is free, is not adequate to repair severely damaged PST files. It is necessary to find a more modern solution for this issue.

There are different reasons as to why PST Repair Tool is not responding.

Methods for Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Not Responding Error

Method 1: Create a New PST File

Sometimes it happens that the PST file can be opened however, the outlook doesn’t display the content of the file. Additionally, the inbox repair tool is not able to resolve the issue. It doesn’t mean that you cannot access the data in the file. You can transfer the data from the file to an entirely fresh PST file. This could fix the issue and allow you to see the outlook output you want.

Method 2: Install the Updated Version of Microsoft Outlook

Inbox Repair Tool comes with its companion program in Microsoft Outlook. If both are different versions The tool won’t fix your PST files and display an error message saying that it is not responding. It is necessary to upgrade your version of Microsoft Outlook and its inbuilt PST repair tool.

Method 3: Check the Size of the Existing PST Files

Inbox Repair Tool has a size limit. Because it is hard to repair and fix an oversized Outlook PST file. Inbox Repair Tool cannot fix an PST file that is larger than 2GB. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the size of your PST file at 2GB. If not, the tool will show Outlook Repair for Inbox Tool not responding.

Method 4: Regain Outlook PST Repair Tool

A majority of the times it is because of damaged PST files. It is true that the Outlook Inbox Repair Tool is ineffective at fixing severely damaged PST files. It also has some limitations that make it ineffective for fixing files with severe corruption. Regain Outlook PST Repair Tool is a sophisticated PST Recovery Tool that will restore corrupted and damaged files quickly.


It becomes crucial in the event that an Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Not Responding issue occurs. There are always reasons for this problem. Therefore, it is better to look for alternative solutions rather than in a panic. Because the information contained stored in Outlook’s PST file is important and vital. Thus, you should choose this method, and it can help in retrieving PST files from Outlook PST file even without the scanpst.exe tool. I hope it has helped you to get through the process.

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