What is The MSP Microsoft Project and Features of it

For years MSP Microsoft Project has been the most popular project management software. This is primarily due to the project manager’s and team members’ familiarity with Microsoft products.

Even after several challenges, Microsoft remains a titan in this business. Without including Microsoft Project, no discussion of project management software would be complete.

But what exactly is Microsoft Project, and what are its features? We will explore all the answers to this question in this detailed article. Alternatively, you can enrol in MSP Microsoft Project Online Course for a more advanced approach to clear your concepts and advance yourself to a new height of success.

MSP Microsoft Projects: Meaning

MSP Microsoft Project is a project management tool that helps to generate schedules, and project plans, manage resources, and track time. It includes functionality for project managers like Gantt charts, kanban boards, and project calendars.

Other names for MSP Microsoft Project include MS Project and Project Professional. Other Microsoft Project products with comparable names include Project Online, Project Server, and Project for the Web. You can access these items by purchasing a Microsoft Project Plan membership, which comes in three pricing categories. You can choose any of these categories from the official Microsoft website as per your preference.

MSP Microsoft Projects Features

In order to manage their work schedule, MSP Microsft Project offers several features that project managers and their teams require.

      ● Project Views

The Microsoft Project capabilities begin with the several views available to your team for creating, visualizing, and managing multiple projects. However, the project essentially provides three distant perspectives to try:

1.    Grid view

It is a streamlined project view that allows you to manage projects based on task lists.

2.    Board view

It allows you to create visual kanban boards for controlling processes, project status, etc.

3.    Timeline view

It uses standard Gantt charts and is ideal for scheduling jobs throughout a project’s timeline.

Using MSP Microsoft Project, you can switch between views with the click of a button or require your team members to utilize one or the other so that everyone sees the same data.

      ● Task Management System

MSP Microsoft Project has an excellent task management system. Because project flexibility and visibility are significant, MSP Project’s management tools enable you to build and alter plans on the go.

      ● Resource Management

Microsoft Project also has outstanding resource management features from beginning to end. Using this software tool, you can manage project resources by requesting or allocating tasks to particular team members.

However, MSP Project will automatically request or allocate those resources based on the data you enter, ensuring that each team member sees the element they’ve received and can begin work immediately. Other team members can observe how you can distribute resources across departments or project employees. The project also allows you to adjust resource allocation rapidly if necessary. Managing your organization’s limited resources has never been easier.

      ● Microsoft Project reproting

Microsoft Project does more than just assign tasks and goals. It also includes prebuilt reports that you may create and email to other members of your organization. Thus, depending on your requirements, you can create reports to:

  1. Monitor the progress of specific projects or sub-projects.
  2. Analyze resource management or track resource utilization to see who uses resources most efficiently.
  3. Report on the condition and effectiveness of the program.
  4. Track portfolios, data, etc.

       ● Co-authoring functionality

The co-authoring function in Microsoft Project promotes cooperation. It is a key aspect of Microsoft 365 and comparable products. If they have the required authorization, team members and stakeholders can collaborate to modify and amend schedules, task lists, and individual tasks using this co-authoring function.

      ● File Sharing

With no surprise, MSP Microsoft Project contains file-sharing facilities, given its emphasis on collaboration. In reality, every team member that utilizes MSP Project may exchange files with other team members. This assures efficiency and usability. After all, managers aren’t the only ones who can exchange files with team members.


Hopefully, you may find this article informative. We have compiled the top six features of the Microsft Project, which helps managers to simplify their operations. Being a comprehensive tool, it offers vast benefits to project managers. Therefore, to become proficient with this tool, we suggest you enrol in the MSP Microsoft Project Training in Noida.

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