What is an NFT calendar – Why do you need to use it?

What is an NFT Calendar? And why should you use it? Many people have never heard of an NFT calendar or how it can help them. However, if you are one of those people, it is time to join the rest of the world and start using an NFT calendar! We’ll go over what NFT stands for, what it can do, and some of the best ways to use it in your life! Let’s get started! 

What is the NFT Calendar? 

An NFT calendar is an online platform or tool that assists businesses, artists, and marketers in keeping track of NFT drops. Whether you are a brand launching your own NFT collection or an individual NFT artist or developer, staying up-to-date on the latest NFT releases is essential to your NFT strategy.

NFT calendars typically include the dates and times of new NFT drops as well as countdown notifications that allow you to keep track of how much time is left until the collection goes live and be notified when it does. Your brand can also add its own NFT drops to NFT calendars in order to expose the drop to a larger audience and potentially increase sales.

Why you need to use an NFT Calendar

An NFT calendar is an excellent tool for keeping track of your NFTs and their value. An NFT calendar allows you to see at a glance which NFTs are the most valuable and which are the least valuable. This information can assist you in making informed decisions about whether to buy, sell, or hold your NFTs. Furthermore, an NFT calendar can assist you in keeping track of when new NFTs are released, ensuring that you do not miss out on any hot new items!

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Increase visibility – NFT calendars increase the visibility of NFT projects by bringing them to a wider audience since they are the go-to place for individuals looking to invest in the NFT industry. An NFT calendar allows you, as a promoter or NFT creator, to list and display your project’s events to other users.

Research – The NFT calendar is an excellent resource for conducting NFT-related research because it contains extensive information on NFT-related topics and events. It is appropriate for both curious NFT minds and those seeking general NFT knowledge.

Communication tool An NFT calendar allows you to easily communicate the events and deadlines of your project to both partners and customers as an NFT creator. Using an NFT calendar to track your NFT project’s events and deadlines ensures that everyone is on the same page about your project.

Build hype – NFT calendars aid in the communication of NFT events and deadlines to customers and partners. You can create buzz and ensure that all parties involved are aware of when the drop will occur and what the deliverables will be.

Tips for choosing the right NFT Calendar

There are numerous NFT calendars to choose from in the industry. As an NFT marketplace participant, you’re probably looking for the best NFT calendar to help you along your NFT journey. One size does not fit all; all NFT calendars have advantages and disadvantages; your choice should be based on your preferences, budget, and goals.

When choosing an NFT calendar, you should consider the following factors:

  • The NFT events that interest you – First, you must define the type of NFT events that interest you. NFT calendars vary; some feature specific events, while others provide a variety of NFT events based on different blockchain networks.
  • Size of the platform’s audience – The size of the platform’s audience is important to consider as an NFT creator since you need to show your project to as many NFT enthusiasts as possible in order to gain recognition, which is essential for the success of any project.
  • Features that are important to you – What features of an NFT calendar will you make the most of ? For example, if you want to list individual NFT events, you’ll need a calendar that has the appropriate features.
  • Cost – One of the factors to consider in choosing an NFT calendar that does not exceed your financial capabilities and budget. There are free NFT calendars and those that charge for certain features.
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What are the best NFT Calendars

  • NFT Calendar.io

It is easily navigable and reaches a larger audience. It was one of the first calendars to allow an NFT project to publicize NFT events, which is good for anyone who wants to go to the top for events.

  • NFT Evening

It’s simple to use and navigate. This is great for anyone who wants to organize their own events. It is also accessible in numerous languages. 

  • NFT calendar Magic Eden

It has its own drop calendar for NFT. On Solana, there is also a leading NFT marketplace. You can view your most recent and upcoming Solana NFT collections. It’s perfect for people who don’t have time to open multiple tabs.

  • Nifty Drops

It’s the first Android and iOS app where you can find out about upcoming NFT events. It also displays event information in the user’s local time zone, as well as the app and auction reminder.

Types of NFT Calendar 

NFT calendars are classified into two types: General calendars and curated calendars. 

NFTs have grown in popularity in recent years, and the current crypto meltdown has only increased their popularity, if only for mildly negative reasons. Everyone is getting into NFTs: large and small businesses, celebrities, influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, banks. Almost any type of business can benefit from NFTs. Due to the sheer number of wildly different NFT projects, even the most up-to-date NFT calendar cannot keep track of every drop each month. They’re simply too numerous!

 If you’re looking for a general overview of both large and small NFT projects, NFT calendar.io might be your best option. These calendars typically include a filtering feature that allows you to identify NFT projects based on your preferences.

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If you’re looking for a curated NFT calendar with news on specific projects, you might prefer a hand-picked calendar of promising projects with a more specialized audience. As long as the curators are knowledgeable members of the NFT community, these calendars provide more research on the NFT projects they’ve chosen.

Final words

An NFT calendar is useful because it ensures that you never miss an NFT drop for your favorite project. It also allows you to be among the first to learn about the launch of a new project. This can save you a lot of time and money since you won’t have to search for information about upcoming NFT releases for hours. Furthermore, you will not miss out on releases and will not have to purchase NFTs on the secondary market.

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