Unlocking the Cost Estimation Aspects of Blockchain Game Development

Games have always been the topic of conversation among users. It has been popular since its inception. Playing online games has become a huge obsession for many people. The gaming industry has evolved in tandem with technological advancement. A significant increase is expected in the coming years, as it has transformed the playing experience.

Moving forward, blockchain games have captured the attention of game enthusiasts. They use cutting-edge cryptographic solutions to create a larger-than-life experience.

It is no longer just for fun; it has also become a significant source of revenue. Several large corporations are interested in investing in these blockchain-based games.

This article successfully illustrates several hypotheses concerning Blockchain game development cost estimation.

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Statistics on the Gaming Industry

  • Globally, the gaming market is expected to grow by $125.65 billion.
  • Until 2025, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is expected to increase by 12.40%.
  • The APAC (Asia-Pacific) region has a massive ownership rate of approximately 22.6 million gamers who hold cryptocurrency.
  • Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and North America follow that.
  • APAC’s crypto revenue is approximately US$157.3 million, or 49%, while North Americans’ revenue is approximately US$80.3 million, or 25%.
  • Mobile games generate the most revenue (about 40%, or $128.4 million), followed by console games.
  • Mobile games generate the most revenue ($128.5 million), followed by console games ($89.9 million). Following that are PC games, tablets, and browser games.

The figures above indicate that the blockchain-enabled gaming industry has turned the tide.

Several factors influence the blockchain game development cost calculator. Complications, design, features, platform, and so on are all influencing factors.

Procedure for Creating a Blockchain Game

The development of a blockchain game involves several steps, which are illustrated below;

Knowing the Blockchain Infrastructure

A better understanding of the blockchain and its security-related attributes is required for a better start in developing a blockchain framework. Following that, one must examine the blockchain implementation, the benefits associated with it, and the blockchain incorporation. More than the benefits of blockchain infrastructure, it is critical to understand the flaws and challenges.

Hash functions, blockchain consensus, and distributed ledger technologies are also important. The crucial details are mentioned in the white paper, along with information relating to the blockchain infrastructure and technique. Furthermore, it is advantageous to thoroughly understand various blockchains such as Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, Hyperledger, and so on.

Data Structure Analysis, Database Development, and Smart Contract Development

The blockchain network is completely structured based on user demand. Whatever changes are made, developers must be familiar with the various types of databases and data structures. These should be the best in the world. They must be able to analyze the fundamental types of smart contracts. Aside from that, they should be aware of the minute details of the benefits provided by these crypto contracts, as well as the techniques used to create them.

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Recognizing Decentralization and Its Blockchain Application

All gaming applications are created on a decentralized platform, hence the term dApps. These apps employ a variety of procedures and protocols. Decentralization is critical for blockchain game developers to recognize and comprehend.

Improved Understanding of Cryptography

The digital ledger and cryptography are the foundations of any blockchain operation. Cryptography, cryptanalysis, and cryptanalytics should all be clearly understood. The developer should be familiar with all of the algorithms that work wonders for various blockchain networks. In short, programmers must understand everything that goes into developing a blockchain-based application.

Obtaining knowledge about Cryptonomics

Crypronomics is a broad concept with numerous layers. To be a sure-shot winner in the blockchain gaming development process, it’s critical to understand cryptocurrencies and how they work on the blockchain network. Numerous ideas contribute to the development of an app. Some of them are cryptonomics frameworks, gaming theory frameworks, certain discords encompassing framing, and so on. The factors influencing financial policies and Cryptonomics, on the other hand, should be well-known.

Programming for Computers

The heart of any advanced and user-friendly dApp is its programming. The more modern or updated the coding used in the development of the decentralised application, the more influential the result. In any case, coding is required for blockchain development, and it should be noted that all details should be kept in mind while developing the one.

The Stages of Blockchain Game Development

It is impossible to provide an exact value for the cost of gaming. The phases discussed below will provide an insight into what goes into creating a high-quality game.

Documentation for Game Design (GDD)

This document is created by designers and writers. It is a detailed design document created for the blockchain game. Many changes occur in the middle of the development phase as the project progresses. There will be numerous changes leading up to the final stages.

This document’s application is to build a blockchain-based gaming app in an organised manner. The key elements include UI/UX design, key features, genre, target audience, story, characters, and so on. Technically, this document covers every topic. It serves as a directive to the developers to work in a systematic manner.

Technical Specifications Development:

It is critical to select the appropriate platform for running your application. The games are designed with your target audience in mind. So it’s fine if you want to create an app for either iOS or Android. It is sometimes perfectly acceptable to design the app for both platforms. The price will now differ in both cases. Furthermore, the various platforms charge different prices because the documentation differs from the development portion.

Designing and Prototyping

Prototyping is the first time the development team turns an idea from paper into something tangible. Prototypes are in charge of describing game details such as audio, video visuals, and so on. Designers use these prototypes because they allow them to stay close to the style regardless of their role in the gaming project.

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Well-planned prototyping raises the level of concern among team members. Designing adds a variety of gaming elements to the app, such as assets, characters, visuals, interface, and so on.

Programming, Testing, and Distribution

Whatever impressions are associated with the characters or the images describing hypothetical player characters; if they are brought to life, they are worthless. They serve no useful purpose as long as they are on paper. As a result, programming is used to generate a digital version of this. It is possible to accomplish this by writing code, configuring the server, and utilising API in coding. In addition, all necessary logic is applied at this stage.

Before releasing an app, it should be tested for bugs to identify defects, errors, or bugs and then remove them to prevent game crashes. It entails optimising the dApp, testing, and running a trial of overcritical stages to test the product.

The game will be released on the desired play store after a thorough evaluation. It is made available to users after it has been approved.

Let’s take a look at the blockchain game development cost calculator in the table below.

Cost Calculation for Development Stages

  • Designing costs between $5,000 and $10,000.
  • Integration costs between $35 and $65,000.
  • Maintenance costs between $1500 and $4000.
  • Quality Assurance Team and Testers $5000 Project Managers $25/Hour

Simplifying the Cost Estimation of Blockchain Games

The most difficult aspect of the gaming app is estimating the cost of blockchain game development. To better assess the cost, the scope of work must be understood. Aside from that, the budget is determined by the specialists involved in the project design. Creating a gaming dApp is not an easy task. There are numerous complexities associated with it.

Experts also charge a high fee depending on the geographical location. From the documentation to the project visualisation, a lot goes into game design. Every step has a predefined cost that provides an indication of the prices.

Many genres are used when creating a blockchain-based gaming app, including Unity 3D Games, P2E Games, and Web 3 Games.

Mini Games: They are based on simple characteristics that are integrated into the game. A microgame is a small game that is accommodated by another video game. The game components are shorter and easier to understand. These games are either unique or have built-in features that capture the attention of the players.

Satoshi’s Games, for example, or PlayBlankos

2D casual games

These games are intended for a much larger player base. They have simple rules and brief sessions, as well as a low barrier to entry, i.e., no large investment and moderate competition. These games include various monetization strategies and sub-divisions such as in-game ads and in-app purchases.

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These games are referred to as complex because of the higher quality animations, graphics, VFX, sounds, and so on. These top-tier features are used to entice the audience so that they can spend the majority of their time playing.

For instance, card games and trivia

Games for Socialization

Social games have the potential to foster strong interactivity among players. The most difficult aspect of such games is establishing a connection between the players. These go through several stages, including complicated storylines, 3D graphics, and advanced animations.

Social games have numerous levels, intricate storylines, account development, various mechanics, animation, and 2D and 3D graphics. The game development process is extremely exciting. The frontend and backend development are the challenges. The architecture is designed to be highly adaptable. It is done to have an additional scaling element so that any changes can be made without any hindrance.

Clash of Clans, for example, and Call of Duty Business Games:

These games are designed to provide “Edutainment Services.”

These are designed to provide users with entertainment and education. They are capable of honing their management skills despite having no real-world experience. These games are most likely to provide the best real-time business experience. In the event that an issue arises in the game, it will have no effect on the actual scenario. Whatever errors occur will simply remain there.

For instance, Airline Tycoon and Virtonomics.

High-level Sports:

High-level games are one of the most complex forms. Their development process is extremely complex. Everything that goes into making such games takes more time and money. Before creating an app like this, many factors must be considered. Such games typically include optimization, appropriate architecture, 3D games, precise VFX (visual effects), and so on.

Snowhaven, for example, Archons of Niku

Here is a detailed breakdown of the Blockchain game development cost estimation; so, simply scroll down!!

Estimation of Game Costs

>$5,000 in Mini-Games

2D casual games

$5000 -$20,000

Games for Socialization

Business Games ranging from $70,000 to $170,000

Mid-level games range from $15,000 to $50,000; high-level games range from $10,000 to $50,000.


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The Bottom Line!!

Blockchain is without a doubt one of the most amazing developments in the gaming world. Blockchain-based games have been available for some time. In the current scenario, game enthusiasts are extremely popular. Not only are users interested in developing blockchain-based games for gaming enthusiasts, but business owners are as well.

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