What You’ll Need to Know About Today Panchang?

According to astrology, today panchang is a Hindu Calendar. Different countries have different names for it. Pancanga, Ponjika, Panchanga, Panchaanga and many more are another name of panchang. According to Hindu astrology panchang is a logbook that is used to see beneficial times, marriage mahurat weather forecasting, a favorable time before any interview, starting any business or buying a car, house, etc.

Before you decide to do any new thing in your life you must first check its result. Before starting anything new make sure to check the shubh mahurat to get fruitful results. From today panchang you can get all the details about the present day. Panchang is the traditional way to calculate the beneficial or malefic time. To get success in your life.

Panchang also provides information about Hindu events like fasts and festivals. According to the Hindu regional calendar, these are based upon two-element solar and lunar. They are known as the lunisolar calendar because of their major constituents.

Religious people follow Panchang In Hindi very carefully. To know about different varat dates. Finding out the best time to start anything new. To check the mahurat for marriage, donation, etc.

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What is lunisolar in today panchang?

The lunisolar calendar is based on the solar and lunar cycles.

Solar calendar

It calculates the time on the bases of the earth’s revolution around the sun. it has 365 days with the addition of a leap year.

Lunar calendar

Differenrent phases of the moon make the lunar calendar. It has 354 days but during leap year it has 384 days.

 Panchang today is also a lunar calendar. It tells the date, time, and shubh mahurat according to the phases of the moon.

No.Lunar MonthSolar Month
1Chitta (Mar-Apr.)Chaitra (Mar-Apr.)
2Visaka (Apr-May.)Vaishaka (Apr-May.)
3Jyeshta (May-June.)Jyeshta (May-June.)
4Poorvashada (June-July)Ashada (June-July)
5Sravana (July-Aug.)Shravana (July-Aug.)
6Poorvabhadra (Aug-Sep.)Bhadrapada (Aug-Sep.)
7Aswini  (Sep-Oct.)Aswija  (Sep-Oct.)
8Kartika  (Oct-Nov.)Kartika  (Oct-Nov.)
9Mrigashira  (Nov-Dec.)Margashira  (Nov-Dec.)
10Makha  (Dec-Jan.)Magha  (Dec-Jan.)
11Pushyami   (Jan-Feb.Pushya (Jan-Feb.)
12Uttaraphalguni (Feb-Mar.Phalguna (Feb-Mar.)

Know about the shubh mahurat with today panchang

In the Hindu religion, today panchang tithiis important to know about shubh mahurat for fast, festivals, rituals, and for a new beginning. People go to pandits to ask for shubh mahurat for many reasons like the opening of a new office, starting a new business, and fixing the marriage date. Shubh mahurat is the combination of shubh date (tithi), day (var), and stars or planets (Nakshatra).

To see favorable time tithi is very important. There is a total of 30 dates in the lunar calendar. Divided into five groups which are very significant. From them, beneficial time for precious work is analyzed. Prediction and remedies are also made according to tithi. Each thithi is completed when the moon gains 12 degrees.

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5 types of thithi according to Aaj ka Panchang are as follow

Nanda/ Joyous Tithi, Bhadra/ Healthy) Tithi,  Jaya/ Victory Tithi, Riktha (Loss or Nashta) Tithi, and Poorna (Sampoorna – Full or New Moon) Tithi

1.  Nanda/ Joyous Tithi – Friday-  (Fire) 1st, 6th, and 11

2.  Bhadra/ Healthy) Tithi – Wednesday- (Earth) 2nd, 7th, and  12th

3.  Jaya/ Victory Tithi – Tuesday- (Akash)  3rd, 8th, and 13th

4.  Riktha (Loss or Nashta) Tithi – Saturday-(water)  4th, 9th, and 14th

5.  Poorna (Sampoorna – Full or New Moon) Tithi – Thursday- (vayu) 5th, 10th and Amavasya (New Moon) or Poornima

Vaar: There are two types of var which are further divided accordingly Saumya Vaar (Soft Days) and Kroor Vaar or Kadve Vaar (Heavy Days)

Heavy days:  Sunday, Tuesday, and Saturday are heavy days. which are avoided and not considered as much-beneficial days.

Soft days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are good or lucky days.

Nakshatra: The astrologer uses Nakshatra which is the position of planet and star calculation to search the Muhurat from Panchang.

Role of Yog and Karna in today Panchng 

There are other factors that also matter. When we find shubh mahurat Yog and Karna are also mandatory. Along with Tithi, var, and Nakshatra. These factors help in-depth analyzes of time and date(mahurat)  for important and precious work in Panchang.  

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