Top 5 treks to do in Karnataka


The best and ideal opportunity to be on the mountains of Karnataka is during the rainstorm. Assuming that you are a nature lover, be ready to be dazed by the magnificence this state holds during weighty storms. The beautiful and picturesque scenery will keep you stunned. 

These places are worth visiting and if you are from Karnataka then you must visit this place. What’s worth living in Karnataka if you didn’t visit these places?

Tadiandamol trek 

Tadiandamol trek located in Western ghats that takes place in the Bhagamandala Range Forest’s Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. Trekking through this area will take you through a mixture of deep shola forests along with stream crossings, as well as a carpet of magnificent meadows. The exhilaration of reaching the top of Tadiandamol, as well as traveling among the clouds, is an adventure not to be missed. This trek is suitable for fit beginners. All through this part of the path, espresso homes and pepper ranches should be visible.

Kodachadri trek 

Kodachadri Hills visit will give the whole bundle, from thick woodlands that are a mile thick to an enormous cascade. It is home to an assortment of fascinating and undermined sorts of verdure, this astounding spot is situated in the Mookambika National Park. It is a genuine legacy site since it lies in a hazy sea which improves the shocking excellence of the spot. Here is a brief look at the manners in which you can make an arrangement for your Kodachadri Trek. The setting up camp region ought to be reached at 06:00 am and tidied up. Around 08:00 AM, you can start your experience of Kodachadri going through Kumble Village and Hidlumane Waterfalls following breakfast. Unwind for quite a while close to the outpouring. Proceed with your excursion to the most significant level of the Kodachadri highest point and have a supper at the top prior to rising.

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Kudremukh trek

Kudremukh is the place to go if you can’t stand being a tramp in the woods. This thrilling hike leads to a setting of plenty in nature as clouds pass by as you reach the summit of Karnataka’s third tallest peak. You’ll pass through some of the most refreshing and beautiful open meadows and several streams on your route to the top, which will only add to the panoramic grandeur of your adventurous adventure. From the side, the Kudremukh peak has a peculiar structure that resembles a horse’s face. After an hour of hiking from the forest office, this structure becomes evident. This appears to be closer, but it will take another three hours of hiking to get there. 

Kotebetta Trek

Fort Hill, commonly known as Kotebetta, is Coorg’s third tallest mountain peak and the greatest site for trekking and sightseeing. It is at a height of 5314 feet above sea level. The villagers think that the Pandavas once lived here, and that the stone buildings built by them can still be seen. This is a big draw for travelers visiting Kotebetta Hill. Hiking opportunities abound on the slope as well. People who enjoy adventure and adventurous sports such as trekking or rock climbing would appreciate Kote Betta. At the peak of the hill there is also a big Shiva temple for all the Shiv devotees. Several wild species, such as Sambars, Mongooses, Indian Squirrels, and Guard, can be seen on the trekking paths.

The picturesque magnificence from the top, particularly the Kumar Parvata ranges and Harangi dam from the Kote Betta top is just to be capable. The lake at the pinnacle offers drinkable water. The sensation of going through a night in an improvised tent breathing immaculate air and looking at the brilliant sky can’t be clarified in words. It causes us to feel one with nature and reminds us what we are absent in our substantial wildernesses.

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Nandi Hills trek

Nandi Hills is an antiquated slope fortification worked by Ganga Dynasty. And later amplified and reinforced by Tipu Sultan in southern India, in the Chikkaballapur region of Karnataka state. It is 10 km from Chickballapur town and roughly 60 km from Bengaluru. The colorful area is known for its stunning evening view in addition to its moderately-level journeying benefits. Between hopping stones to a few shocking perspectives. And that’s just the beginning, the Nandi One excursion is okay for youngsters to investigate and partake in a great time. The well known stone outcrop is an alternate vacation spot that is called Tipu’s Drop. The stunning perspectives on Amrita Sarovar here are something you shouldn’t forget about. On the off chance that you’re exhausted from the crowds of individuals. At Nandi slopes, it is prescribed to go to it around evening time. 

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