Kedarkantha Trek Temperature and Weather Guide:

Sitting at an altitude of 9,000 feet [3,850 m] and lying comfortably in the arms of the Tons River Valley, the world-famous Kedarkantha makes a landmark tour. Accompanied by extremely low temperatures and cold weather all year round, the area attracts adventure seekers and daredevils around the world.

This mountainous region has something reserved for tourists no matter when they visit the area each year.

Although Kedarkantha has spectacular green meadows in the summer, it blooms with colorful flowers during the monsoon season and while the area has bright red sunlight and brown leaves in autumn, it makes for a wonderful winter walk. As the climate of Kedarkantha remains moderately cold for most of the year, the area is a tourist attraction for all seasons.

Kedarkantha Temperature and Weather during the Summer: April, May and June

During the summer months of April, May, and June, Kedarkantha weather is always cool and pleasant, making it an ideal time to explore the area. At this time, the temperature in Kedarkantha remains between 6 and 20 degrees Celsius.

During the summer, the Kedarkantha tour has a beautiful landscape filled with a variety of colorful flowers. The month of April bids farewell to the remaining winter snow and trails boast of magnificent vegetables.

The month of May exemplifies the true beauty of Kedarkantha summer, making the place look truly captivating with the fragrance of freshly blooming flowers in the sky. During this time the cold is quite tolerable and the chances of rain are very low.

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Adorned with lush green pastures, the area looks attractive at this time of year. The month of June adorns the peaks of the mountains in full glory, covering the entire valley with brightly colored flowers. At this time, visitors get a chance to walk between the tall Pine and Oak trees.

Average Temperature Summer: Day and Night –

Kedarkantha Temperature and Weather During the Rainy season: July, August and September

 The area is experiencing occasional landslides during this time, making it difficult to walk.

However, many adventure seekers like to challenge the limits and climb to the top to get a glimpse of the amazing monsoon vistas of this beautiful valley. At this time the climate of Kedarkantha is always cloudy and wet while the area is covered with lush vegetation.

The month of July marks the arrival of heavy rains in Kedarkantha and the routes are beginning to recede. At this time, the deep blue sky is completely black and the high Himalayan mountains are breathtaking in beauty and give a spectacular view throughout the region.

The month of August brings heavy rainfall over Kedarkantha and gray clouds forming a canopy over the mighty Himalayan mountains. Lots of colorful flowers bloom in the region, looking even brighter with tiny drops of water sprayed on their leaves. The month of September brings less rain compared to the area and the weather is usually cloudy and pleasant during this time.

Average Temperature during Summer: Day and Night

The average temperature of Kedarkantha remains about 17 degrees Celsius during the day and 4 degrees Celsius at night, during the rainy season.

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Kedarkantha Temperature and Weather in Autumn: October and November

The green leaves gradually begin to turn dry and eventually fall off.

The color of the green meadows gradually turns brown, bringing a completely different look. This is a great time for a beginner to enjoy hiking as the weather is always beautiful and the area has some of the most beautiful views of the Himalayan mountains.

In October, Kedarkantha appears to be experimenting with a variety of colorful flowers that bloom in the bright red sunlight. The month of November marks the arrival of winter, calling for beginners to walk. At this time the cold is still tolerable and visitors get a chance to climb the mountains amidst the beautiful views of the Himalayan mountains.

Average Temperature during Summer: Day and Night

The average temperature for Kedarkantha is always around 15 degrees Celsius during the day and 2 degrees Celsius at night, during the autumn.

Kedarkantha Temperature and Weather During Winter: December, January, February, and March

Winter brings out the best travel of Kedarkantha and invites dozens of travelers from all over the world.  Due to the high snowfall, Kedarkantha weather is getting colder. The whole region offers a surreal view and dream, which attracts every visitor.

The month of December marks the beginning of a new snowstorm in Kedarkantha. Due to the easy access to the trip, dozens of tourists flock to the area at this time and walk slowly on the new ice sheet, in the middle of a spectacular nature resort.

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