Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

The drive through Cashmere’s Great Lakes is undoubtedly the most beautiful. This is without a doubt the case. It confirms Kashmir’s fabled status as the world’s paradise.

The explanation is because the journey takes place on a larger scale than life. It’s located 75 kilometers north of Srinagar. Every day, a 360-degree view of the untamed mountains, terrible mountain regions, and turquoise high lakes is provided. consistently. Furthermore, you can explore more than seven of these lakes as well as five really unique valleys!

This is a moderately difficult visit that lasts more than six days and includes a variety of scenes. This means long walking days with no simple leave focuses and severe ascensions and plunges are to be expected. As a result, this is not implied for a novice who has never travelled at high altitudes.

In the end, the difficulties are justified. The snowfields that feed these lakes are far more spectacular. From the narrow mountains, you can see them sliding into the lakes. Smooth white chunks of ice drift across an inky blue lake surface now and then.

After that, there are the Kashmir glades. These glades, which can be found in large numbers throughout the day, come in all shapes and sizes.

Like a desert spring, maple and pine clusters quickly fill in these marshes. The ponies and sheep brush across a large valley on the second day. On the third day, just behind Pass Gadsar, wither blossoms emerge in a wild abandon on these knolls. The fourth day appears virtually manicured on Satsar’s verdant plain, which is crisscrossed by an ear-splitting torrent.

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Following this adventure, every journey feels like a mini-movie. If you haven’t already done so, add it to your list of must-dos!

What I find appealing about the voyage

On the journey, there was an amazing mountain scene.

The majority of Himalayan treks are breathtakingly stunning. In any event, Kashmir’s Grand Lakes are a world unto themselves. The Cashmere Mountains are unmistakably similar. You have a powerful presence all around you.

The various valleys and untamed areas

The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek takes 7 days to complete. You’ll also unintentionally walk through seven valleys. Additionally, on each day of the journey, each of the valleys is fanning out. When each valley has a fierce rivalry, this is the valley.
Six of the seven valleys are different unsettled zones or unsettled places. High passes connect these high-elevation natural zones and farmland. You’d think that the meadows on one side or the other of a pass would be comparable. They certainly aren’t in any case. They are each their own universes with distinct appeals.

Shekdur willows are also regarded as the tabletop among Maple and Birch trees. It demonstrates how ferocious and powerful the wild can be. Cross the Nichnai Pass and enter a wilderness you’d rather not be in.

The Vishnusar prairie consists of a large meadow brimming with wildflowers and a delicate brook running through the centre.

The Gadsar knoll is more spectacular. It is smaller, and there are more spiked mountains on both sides. The main attraction is a massive Gadsar, but there are other smaller lakes nearby. Blossoms are abundant in the valley’s wild flora.

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You are transferred from the Gadsar Valley to the Satsar Valley, which serves as a “windows backdrop.” The Satsar Willows’ verdant, smooth, and nearly manicured grass is something that a couple of lone maple trees and ponies admire. I’ve never seen greener grass anywhere else.

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The last meadow is the Gangabal spread. When you see the valley beneath the Zaj Pass, you almost look at the green world guide. Gangabal resembles a blue-hued Africa! Nandkol lies on her side. In the green scene, there are four separate lakes.

You can’t talk about the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek without mentioning the lakes. When I first viewed a few of photographs of the lakes, I assumed they were altered images from a Scandinavian country. I couldn’t believe these lakes existed in the mountains of our country. These stunningly clear high-altitude lakes change colour throughout the day.

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Starting at sunrise, green in the evenings, light blue in the evenings, and blue in the evenings. The Vishnusar and Kishansar Twin Lakes, the Gadsar Sea, which is green with ice floes, the view of the massive Gangabal, and their twin Nandkol are among the world’s best all-encompassing lake landscapes.

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