Top Electric Cars in the UK You Might Own Now!

The battery can do great things.

Now, it is powering fully designed vehicles on UK roads. In many ways, they have proven themselves better than their fuel-run counterpart. Not offending the fuel vehicles, of course, it is time we turn our heads to the real bustle of the road…the bustle that sustainable and healthier for the environment.

Do you want to know the statistics? Well, electric cars in the UK are booming with over 530,000fully electric cars and 405,000 hybrid vehicles running on the roads of the UK.

What else do you want?

Well, I know that. You might be looking for some browsing so that you can choose your electric car and buy it.

Well, we will surprise you in that regard.

Through careful analysis and introspection, we have jotted down a few top-rated and top-selling electric cars in the UK in order to make your purchase a successful one.

Here Are Top UK Electric Cars You Don’t Want to Miss Knowing

 Before buying, comes knowing.

You have to understand the features; the facilities; the advantages’ the mechanisms and all other technicalities of an electric car before you buy it.

Unlike other non-technical products, we don’t usually know much about electric cars since they are relatively new in the automobile market. Plus, there are certain features of them due to being battery run that we may not know.

Before buying a car or finalizing finance deals for it such as securing car loans as an option of guaranteed car finance with no credit check from direct lenders or booking your car insurance offer; you must learn the car’s functionalities.

Added to that, ask yourself if you want that car for sure.

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Some buy electric cars and then they want to upgrade to a hybrid vehicle, which is not always possible. Even if it is, it is costly. Some, on the other hand, feel it is completely unnecessary to own a hybrid vehicle after owning it.

That is why think again and think more before making a purchase decision.

With that being said (and I probably made you a little impatient), we can discuss the top electric cars trending in the market right now.

Find out if they are useful to you.

The Volkswagen ID.3 Pure Is Stunning to Look at at a Cheaper Price

To tell you the truth, this car is priced quite cheaper than other vehicles. It comes in around £25,000 and gives you a monstrous mileage of 175 miles.

I like this.

The good thing about this car is that it is quite large in size. A hatchback 5 doors, the VW ID.3 is quite a beast machine for its price. The technology used in it is quite impressive.

One downside you may think is that the battery is a smaller one. Its capacity is 45 kWh. But there’s a plus side countering this factor, which is the fast charging feature of this car. It can hit 80% in 45 minutes.

If you like this car, then Volkswagen has got some good news for you. It has got two more vehicles in the same design with higher battery backup, which are 58 kWh and 77kWh respectively.

The Skoda CITIGOe iV Is a Smart Choice

Priced at £15,000 only, this is Skoda’s first instalment in the world of electric cars. To tell you the truth, it looks kind of stunning and sleek for a starter package on electric vehicles.

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The car is fully electric and has a wonderful spacious option for accommodating 4 people. A good car for professionals or entrepreneurs, it comes with rapid charging facilities as well so that you don’t miss your business meetings or conferences.

It can hit 80% in 1 hour.

One downside to me was the mileage, which comes to around 135 miles. But I can tell that there is a trump card that Skoda offered the CITIGOe iV and that is the Skoda app.

You can stay connected with the car wherever you are (even if you are separated from the car) using the Skoda App. This IoT feature made the car even more appealing.

The Fiat 500e Has Jaw-Dropping Facilities

Coming in £19,995, the Fiat 500e is one of those vehicles that anybody would love to own. Some say it looks quite suitable for people living in the cities or urban areas. But I would say that’s just a myth.

The curvy and stout design of the vehicle adds more to a look accepted wherever you bring it to.

What I was surprised to know is that it has a rapid charging speed that is going to numb your mind. It hits 80% in about 26 minutes only.

Yes, you read that right.

Want to get more excited? This vehicle has got AI driving feature of Level 2 Autonomous driving. It has a co-driver to assist you with driving or using brakes and accelerators on the roads.

The mileage for the lower-priced one is a little disheartening. You get 115 miles. But you can again get a 199-mile variant if you are willing to spend £3500 extra.

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You’ll get an 85kWh fast charge facility as a reward though!

The Toyota Yaris Packs in Many Impressive Features

I would like to finish this post off with a hybrid vehicle and the Toyota Yaris is just the thing you would want.

Coming at £20,820, this vehicle comes with a fourth-generation hybrid electric system. It has got a stunning 1.5 L four-cylinder petrol engine that can offer your car an output of 45 kW. There is a diesel variant of the car as well.

The Lithium battery of the Yaris can produce 0.76 kW output. Combined with the petrol engine, the hybrid engine can make a solid output of 98 kW.

As far as the mileage is concerned, you can get a massive 621 miles when the 36-litre capacity is considered.

Oh yes, it has got both Apple CarPlay and Android connectivity options to give you more of that IoT facility. You get a 7-inch infotainment system inside to help you keep boredom at bay.

The vehicle comes with a 17-inch wheel, which is, of course, great for covering larger distances in a short period of time.

Yes, to me, the capacity of the lithium battery seemed a little low. But, when you consider the hybrid engine, the deal is not bad, right?

I reckon you are looking for an unsecured loan for bad credit with no guarantor to buy one of these cars, right?

To Conclude

I would ask you make more research about cars.

There are other models that you might want to check out. Who knows? You might get a better deal.

So, my parting advice to you all would be simple:

Don’t rush!

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