Top 4 Facebook Facts That Every Marketer Must Know

Facebook use has become a crucial part of everyone’s routine. Most people don’t notice it more. You just open your digital gadgets and go to Facebook straight to see what’s happening in the world of Facebook. Hire Instagram agency Canada to explore more social media strategies and how to apply them to your business growth.

Indeed, the Facebook world has occupied our precious time of lives without any effort. Now even people cannot imagine their lives without this social app. Whether you are political or belong to any professional field, Facebook has made easy for you to share information than before. In a simple way, it is the best way to connect your friends and stories, share any events, or just many more. There is much more in the world of Facebook that we have completely dependent on it.

No doubt, Facebook helps more people to connect than past and for the business, it has become too much important as well. Therefore, social media popularity, particularly Facebook has compelled brands to rethink their advertising strategies and how to deal with the customers.

Now millions of businesses just depend on Facebook because this is the best way to connect people with each other. Therefore, it has become crucial for marketers and business persons to stay ahead of the trend of Facebook. They need to make strategies of marketing so precisely than past. Below here is a list of some statistics of Facebook that you must keep in mind.

Total User of Facebook

According to a 2021 report, almost 2.80 billion people are active users of Facebook. I think this figure is enough to blow you and apart from almost 1.84 billion active users visit these social networking sites daily. It means for the visitors, Facebook is also the core app for product buying even they come through WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram, etc.

For the first time, Facebook gets more than one billion active users that were marked in 2012. And now crossed more than two billion users almost in five years till in 2017. Facebook has approached very huge traffic that is impossible to ignore such huge traffic that uses daily. Therefore, it has become an important place for marketers to grab such potential traffic for the growth of the business.

The term Facebook is bringing the world closer together. And after 17 years of launching, it has achieved more audience and its getting increase its popularity.

Why Facebook Is the King of Social Media?

In the caparison of other social media channels, Facebook is the unbeatable champion. According to recent statistics, this app is the leading social channel that reaches up to 59% of users in 2020. Since its creation, Facebook is doing rule over the social media world and it looks no one can stop this giant.

No doubt, it has other strong competitors like Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and many more are trying their best effort to complete this app. But Facebook stands firmly among all these competitors. This app has the most active users out of all other social media channels because people spend their maximum time of the day to spend in scrolling Facebook feeds.

For many people, Facebook has become the most important way of life to live. One of the biggest reasons to maintain its growth to fulfill the needs of users. Therefore, after many years, Facebook has beaten all expectations on the basis of it is growing its popularity.

Its enthusiasm to adopts its policies according to the latest trend and is changing continuously. Therefore, it is getting to attract more marketers due to its market leaders.

Generating Advertising Revenue of Facebook Facts

To approach a number of marketers, Facebook is getting its popularity continuously. And that is the main reason to generate bulk revenue that only comes through the advertisement. According to the latest statistics, it generated $27.2 billion in revenue from the ads. It means the average revenue of every user is $10.14. It is its huge success of this app in the advertisement platform.

Indeed, Facebook is generating more revenue through ads in 2020 was $84.2 billion. And it was 21 percent more than 2019. So, this is an impressive experience for Facebook but it was significantly falling down in the last quarter of 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. This was significantly maximum seasonal fall in the revenue of ad in the last quarter of the last year.

Facebook Facts for Business Use

An estimated figure that 200 million small-scale businesses are using Facebook tools across the world. Facebook page is the most popular tool for businesses because businesses can post and share information about their product and services. Besides, through this channel, they can enhance the online visibility of their brand.

Many advantages can get through the Facebook page and your business can reach the largest communities of the world. Hire the best press release agency Canada and increase the growth of your business. Through the Facebook social channel, build more audience and be connected with more people who are more interested in your products and services.


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