Tips to unpack quickly without movers in Vancouver

You have been pretty much excited about moving to a new house. Now that you have moved, here comes another strenuous task; unpacking. When you move into a new home, many things require setting. In this scenario, not having the services of movers in Vancouver can be critical.

Now you are all on your own. In this scenario, we are here with some helpful unpacking tips. Keeping these in mind will surely make your whole process easier and much smoother. So, let’s get straight to the first one;

Consider some factors while packing 

If you want to unpack quickly, you need to pack responsibly. Before you start putting things in random boxes, take separate boxes for specific items. You can also color-code them. For example, put books in red-label cardboard boxes and toys in pink ones. You can also write outside each box what items it contains. Remember to unload the packages in the respective rooms as the items in them.

Schedule the move beforehand 

When you are finished packing, write down the total number of boxes and labels of each one, along with the individuals available to help you unpack. Make a deadline, enlist tasks in order, and write who will unpack which boxes. This planning in advance can help you work smoothly, with minimum time wasted in deciding.

Involving friends and family 

Unpacking can be strenuous, especially when you don’t have any of the movers in Vancouver to help. Therefore, we suggest getting help from trusted friends and relatives. With more hands to unpack, the job will be completed quicker.

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Unpack essential first 

Every family member will have a pack of essential items they require for everyday living. Plan to unpack those boxes first. You may also unpack fragile or breakable items first.

Plan where things go after unpacking 

While the moving company unloads items, you can plan which things will go where. For example, the bedroom boxes are here to be unpacked. There will be less time wasted if you have already decided where your clothes, shoes, or bedsheets will go.

Start from one room 

Once you know that all the unloading has been completed, start unpacking boxes from one room. Keep everything in its place one by one. Once the respective room has been completed, start unpacking in the next room and so on.

Take rests and tea breaks 

We understand you want to complete the task as quickly as possible. However, that does not mean you should always be invested in it. Gives yourself breaks in between unpacking boxes. Eat and walk after regular intervals. This will prevent physical and mental tiredness and keep your mind fresh and active.

Clean the packing materials side by side

Unpacking without cleaning can create a huge mess, leaving no room for relaxation. You may think that cleaning will take time and ignore it. In reality, making a pile of boxes left to clean at the end will take even more time and effort.

Remove all distractions and stay focused 

Like work or studies, you must remove distractions to stay focused on the task at hand. It involves keeping every entertainment activity away, like mobile phones and games. Follow the schedule and keep the benefits in mind. Do not leave things for tomorrow as it will keep on delaying.

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Hire professional to help  

To keep away from all this fuss, you can simply hire professional movers in Vancouver. Some reliable moving agencies offer packing/unpacking facilities alongside. Consider hiring them. It will save you time and extra effort and bestow your peace.

Should you do DIY unpacking or hire professionals? 

It depends on several factors. You can choose to perform DIY unpacking if you are running short on budget, have plenty of time, or have only a few boxes. Following the tips mentioned above, you can easily do the job yourself.

However, hiring a moving company for unpacking is also great. They have experienced professionals who do the job quickly with expert handling. They will also re-assemble your furniture and keep it where required. While they work, you can either rest or focus on other essential tasks.


We all know that moving is lengthy and unpacking takes a big part in it. Many individuals fear that it will take many days to complete. But with our tips, you can do the job swiftly. Hiring movers in Vancouver who provide packing and unpacking services is also a great option. In this case, we have a company in mind; Big Boy Deliveries. You can hire them or similar credible companies to help you through this hectic task.

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