The best time to do commerical building washing in fresno

If you own a commercial property, you might be aware of the importance of maintaining its cleanliness. No matter if you own a plaza, a parking lot, or a shopping center, you need to keep it tidy to boost its market value. All of this calls for the need for commerical building washing in Fresno.

Even if you get your building cleaned regularly, it is not enough to keep the germs at bay. For this reason, you need pressure washing occasionally. It is beneficial in many aspects as it maintains a disease-free environment.

Why is pressure washing important?

Commercial washing of your building is essential in many ways for the residents, your reputation, and its value in the market.

  • Keeps germs at bay
  • Less diseases, more work efficiency
  • extends the life of your building
  • Attracts clients due to its neat environment
  • Saves money by requiring fewer repairs and replacements
  • Makes it safe for residents and renters
  • Reduces the chances of algae and moss growth

When should you do pressure washing of your building?

Although pressure washing is required at regular intervals, there can be some instances where professional cleanup becomes necessary. Some of these conditions are explained below:

After extreme weather conditions

Uncontrolled weather, such as wind, cloudburst, or hailstorm, makes everything dusty. It is inevitable and requires a cleanup afterward. All homes and offices should do a deep clean after such weather calamities. For commercial buildings, pressure washing is suitable. The process removes all the dust, dirt, and sticky stains.

After a season ends

Season’s end is a good time to schedule your building’s pressure washing. After fall or summer, ripe leaves get stuck in walkways and building exteriors that need pressure washing. Similarly, summer pollen can also cause allergic reactions in some individuals and should be removed after the season ends. The hailing, fogging, and snowing in winter might take sand or salt with it and get stuck on buildings. All these require commercial building washing.

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Before you redesign your exterior 

If you are planning to change the exterior of your building or paint it anew, we recommend pressure washing first. This is essential because the stuck dirt and debris may hinder the attachment of new elements. Attaching new materials before cleaning the area also affects the results and makes plastering difficult. It may also make the paint look untidy, wasting all your money.

Schedule regular cleanups

The above three particular conditions require commercial building washing in Fresno. However, if nothing in particular happens that may require an in-depth cleanup, you should still do it for your building. In this case, you can schedule cleanups at regular intervals, depending on your building type. You may do it monthly, yearly, or every six or four months. If you own an industry that expels a bulk of grease or chemicals, you may do it every month or so.

When it feels dirtier than usual

Suppose your commercial washing is scheduled every six months. Still, the building feels extremely greasy only after four months. You should appoint a professional agency for pressure washing in this scenario rather than wait another two months so as to do it at the scheduled time.

For particular businesses

If you own an industry or a factory that removes large amounts of waste every day, you need more frequent pressure washing than other businesses. Similarly, hospitals need to maintain a disease-free environment and, therefore, can benefit from recurrent clean-up. Furthermore, if your building is near a construction site, you must perform repeated pressure washing.

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Tips for commercial building washing in Fresno

Refrain from giving the job task to any random commercial washer. For this, you need a professional company to handle your washing needs. Yet, considering some tips will help extend the life of your building structure.

  • Don’t rush the washing process and let the cleaners take their time washing everything properly
  • Pressure wash at regular intervals even if you don’t see any hard stains
  • Make sure to clean the exterior as well as the interior of your commercial property
  • Keep your important equipment away from the washer
  • Disinfect and sanitize your area regularly
  • Choose the right commercial cleaning company

Commercial building cleanup – Summary

Cleaning your commercial property at regular intervals keeps it at bay from permanent staining. It kills germs, prevents diseases, and maintains the structure of the building. All these things save you money in the long run. Anyhow, don’t forget to choose the suitable company for your commercial building washing in Fresno. You can find some highly reputable companies like Commercial Cleaning Services 777 and get the best results for your money.

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