SEO – A Friendly Way To Enhance Your Article Writing

Search engine optimization or SEO is an integral part of content writing. It is a necessary tool for improving the positioning and appearance of the web page in the search results. Therefore, if you want to enhance the organic search result of any content, SEO is the go-to solution. The organic discovery or access of any website improves the quality and the quantity of the traffic.

There are three important factors of Search Engine Optimization. The company that offers Article Writing service always adheres to these top three factors:

  • Organic Search Results – Organic Searches need no payment of their own. They are the unpaid listings that the search engine determines to be the most relevant aspect of the user’s query. Organic searches provide higher ranks based on the search engine’s algorithm if the correct SEO technique is used.
  • Quality – The quality depends on how relevant the SEO is based on the search engine query of the user. Information and correct SEO increases the traffic and enhances the quality of the website. High-quality SEO helps the user to find the desired answer to their query. So, if the content has the right quality of keyword, the search engine will make sure the page appears first when the user is posting the query.
  • Quantity – Quantity depends on the number of users who have accessed the webpage organically. Users will click on search results that appear first on the webpage. The SEO strategy should be high enough to ensure that the webpage comes at the top when the reader is looking for something. This increases the valuable conversions of the webpage too.
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Several companies that offer SEO article writing service, make sure that the writers have the basic understanding of SEO and how it enhances thewebsite by organic searches. Listed below are a few ways to increase and enhance the search engine discoverability of any article.

Tactics to improve Discoverability:

1.  Create a search engine-friendly title

To optimize an article, creating a search engine-friendly title is a must. Keeping the title short and placing the keyword within the first 65 characters do wonder. The frequency of the keywords should not be more than once or twice. It is a common misconception that using more keywords in the article or at every subhead increases the chances of optimization. However, doing so increases the chances for the search engine to spam the article. So, one has to check very carefully and consider moving the keywords from the title to the first or second sentence of the abstract.

2.  Optimizing the abstract

The purpose of the abstract is to express the key points of the research. It has to be very clear and concise. The search engine normally displays the first two sentences when the user searches for something. The keyword insertion in these lines is therefore very essential. However, there should not be a forceful insertion, that might ruin the readability of the article.

3.  Place keywords throughout the article

It is always advisable to add keywords throughout the text. It should have a pattern. Keyword density should not be heavy at one part and go completely missing at another. The website content writing services ensure that the keywords are evenly placed. Adding a keyword in the heading or subheading is also an important aspect. Also, the keywords should be relevant in a particular place. This helps in maintaining the natural flow of the article and keeps it contextual. Repetitive keywords make the articles boring to read as well.

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4.  Being consistent

Everything in the article should be consistent. Adding author names and initials to an article increases its authenticity of it. However, before adding the author’s name previously published articles must be checked. Any break in consistency might damage the overall presentation of the article.

5.  Create links

A wonderful practice that several website writing companies like Content Freelancing do, is to link the article across several social media, networking and other relevant sites.  The search engine values and highlights inbound links. This enhances the content and highlights it to the users as they look for something.

Content writing is not just putting thoughts on paper. This requires a strategic positioning of keywords. It also needs to be crisp and short. Lengthy articles sometimes reduce the interest and make it boring. Adding pointers in your article is also a great way to maintain the overall attention. Besides enough and evenly placed keywords, an article should be readily presentable. Following these steps will not only ensure organic discoverability but will also enhance the traffic to a webpage.

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