Linux Vs Windows Dedicated Server Hosting: What Best for WordPress Blog Websites

Organizations with a developed client database tend to acquire a website that can serve the client with instant services, lower browsing time, and enhanced lading speed with bettered point navigation experience.

All this can be enjoyed only if the association is hosting its WordPress website on a robust server having good features to prize the results in form of visible business and increase deals from the same.
Cloudtechtiq understands the significance of the customer’s client, hence it offers a stylish range of dedicated servers in India in two variants of the operating system i.e., Windows dows dedicated server and LINUX dedicated server hosting.

In this composition, we will bandy which exact type of dedicated hosting you should consider buying if planning to host your WordPress website for running a successful business.

Why choosing the right OS for starting with dedicated servers is all-important?

Talking specifically about installing and getting anticipated results through dedicated hosting depends on the choice of the operating system that can support your business cause.

Although there are several associations that let you choose to host a website without giving regard to the operating system that they may need for proper functioning.

It may be a possible scene that through dedicated server managed, you have got accessible support at the current moment of time, but getting hands-on write right operating system is stylish to integrate your CMS with hosting platforms for advance profits.

For running a WordPress website successfully, mature associations should consider having dedicated servers in their niche, it creates a separate hosting terrain on the physical server, without participating any resource or services with any competitions or neighbors on the complete reality. Also, the dedicated servers in India offer support to balance out the huge business on the website and give them a user-friendly navigation experience.

The following are reasons listed below, giving the attestations that choosing the right operating system through Linux and Window dedicated hosting service to contributing to different working reasons-

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A detailed comparison between dedicated Windows server hosting and dedicated Linux server hosting rather for WordPress
By the time we’ve easily understood the significance of choosing the right type of operating system for having a dedicated hosting service for your WordPress website.

To clear the cloud around other resolved factors that can cast an impact to buy a dedicated server, given below is a detailed comparison between Linux and Windows dedicated server hosting services


Installation of a Linux dedicated hosting server is fairly easy to get started with hosting your website in comparison to other operating systems.

Whereas, installing a Windows dedicated hosting server is relatively tedious as it requires programming experts to begin and customize the settings for having a required affair and managing the setup on the server.

Database Preference

From the inventor’s point of view, Linux dedicated server is a good option for hosting the website as it allows to configure several open-source parts like Apache and my SQL for optimal results.
Whereas Windows Dedicated Server works well with databases like MS Access and SQL server making it a rich choice for hosting a WordPress website taking the type of clients into consideration.


Security is the biggest concern for any business association when deciding to have hosting services from dependable dedicated hosting service providers in India.

Windows as an operating system have a given request name than Linux. Due to this reason, Windows OS is more prone to have attacks on the frontal hand and falls victim to losing data in certain cases in comparison to Linux dedicated hosting servers.


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Linux operating system is an open-source platform that makes the dedicated server of this type cheap in rates in comparison to Windows, which requires another fresh cost for bodying the experience to begin hosting your WordPress website.

Developer-Friendly Environment

Piecemeal from granting a user-friendly experience to your guests, the association should also concentrate on making the website environment developer-friendly.

Choosing Windows dedicated hosting services lets you produce an authoritative terrain, as it allows you to develop operations and set them up with visible. NET frameworks. Whereas performing similar website operation development in Linux dedicated servers is delicate to manage is hard to manage with Linux dedicated hosting servers.

The Bottom Line

Reaching up to the last point of choosing between Linux and Windows dedicated hosting service requires a lot of understanding of its pros and cons.
So, if you’re looking for a secure and dependable hosting service that can last you up to the times, moving with Linux dedicated hosting is a suitable option. But, if you have great familiarity and hands-on Windows, also Windows dedicated hosting server is the perfect choice for your WordPress website.

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