Top Five Floral Design Trends For Wedding In 2022

A wedding is indeed one of the most important days in our life. Planning and preparation start way before the actual day comes. 2020 has shifted so many events that these two years feel like never-ending eventful. Priorities of people also have shifted a bit. Earlier wedding events were more focused on grandeur. Post-Covid, people are going back to old school styles with some modification.

Flowers are mostly synonymous with auspicious events. Now, more than ever, they play a key role in decorating events like marriages and other social gatherings. This blog will discuss the top five floral designs for marriage ceremonies that are in trend in 2022.  

1. Organic Arrangement

Each flower and plant is special in its own way. Similarly, every couple is different. Organic flower and plant arrangement is gaining popularity among new couples as their wedding theme. Here a full wedding is decorated with some kind of flowers or plants.

The seating arrangement, reception stage, lights and all other aspects are set keeping the theme in mind. You can choose flowers and designer plants according to your taste. Almost every flower goes with this style.

2. Grand Entrance

Though it is not very new, creating a grand floral entrance is in trend in 2022 as well. Weddings, especially in Europe, have a long tradition of creating an entrance for the bride and groom. The modern-day entrance is indeed a great piece of art. If you want to create a similar design for your wedding, you should consult an experienced London florist.

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3. Ceremony Arches

Nowadays, engaging in front of a floral arch is popular among new couples. Florists can create innovative arch designs according to the requirement. Various kinds of flowers, leaves and branches are used for creating this ceremony arches. This design option can also be used for other occasions as well.

4. Bright, Bold And Beautiful

Many new couples want bright themes and designs for their wedding day. In particular, 2022 has seen an increase in bold and bright designs for wedding ceremonies. Maybe it is the aftereffect of the Covid.

People prefer the light, colour and smell of flowers. If you want wedding flowers in London, firstfind one experienced florist in town. This design is beautiful, palatable and traditional at the same time. Once you add a specific colour theme and texture, it will look quite special for your special day.

5. English Garden

Last but not the least popular in this trending list is English Garden. If you are looking for a more traditional design, an English Garden theme is always in style. Here some unique flowers are structured in an oval arrangement.

A mix of garden flowers with some rare ones can be best suited for a wedding day event. The whole venue will look very different and classy once you add some silk, lights, leaves, and branches.

These are some of the floral designs that are in trend in 2022 for wedding events. If an event is near, you can choose one of them or consult a florist to find some new designs.

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