Brighten Up Your Home with Decorative Neon Lights

Neon lights are used popularly nowadays to create artistic shapes, especially pictures of letters. Earlier designer neon lights were used in only advertisements but today the whole concept of neon has changed altogether. Now you can see neon lights everywhere in modern homes. You can also use your creativity and have customized products or choose from our site. You can find plenty of options on wall mantra website that are in trend and will make your home very artistic. Traditional neon lights used to contain neon gas and had a reddish-orange glow but now LED neon lights have come.

Advantages of neon lights


If you compare standard light bulbs to LED neon lights, these last longer up to 10 years or more. They require a little maintenance and you can do so by not exposing them to heat and electrical voltage instability. They are comparatively easy to maintain.


Neon lights can save up to 50% more energy than standard bulbs. Traditional lights consume more energy than LED neon lights. They can be easily replaced and provides a good amount of light.


Neon lights are made from glass tubes that can be bent to make any shape. You can customize your art by using your creativity. It can be your name, your favorite quote, words, idols, and many more. Many combinations can be made using these various colors.


Neon lights are visible from very far so they can be used in homes as well as for advertising.

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Work on varied voltages

These lights can work on a wide range of voltages and thus have the flexibility to power sources and structure types.  

How is neon light made?

Despite going into detail, we would like to give you a brief of various gases that are used which give a light different color. If we use purely neon gas, it emits pink or pale-yellow color.

Krypton when used reduces the white-yellow glow and hence it is used to produce a variety of colors. Similarly, xenon gas emits a lavender color which gets mixed with other colors to give contrasting shades.

Helium produces a pink-red glow, mercury vapors give purple and green and argon gas give the blue, white, yellow, or green color. Generally, one or more combinations of gases are used to produce different colors and as said above pure neon gas is also used.  

Types of Neon lights-:


Traditional neon lights break easily if not handled properly. These are handcrafted glass tubes in which inert gases are filled. When electricity is passed these gases react and emit fluorescent colors. Traditional lights also look beautiful but because of their fragility, they are not widely used.


Also called Light-emitting diodes, LEDs are more durable due to polymer jacket wrapping. They require less power to start compared to traditional lights, also their weight is less, and therefore size is compact.

Neon lights shine brightly and their light can be seen from long distances. It is cheap than standard lights, saves energy, and has low maintenance. LED neon lights come in different shapes like round or flat surfaces.

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The ideal surface is round but for architectural structures tape or strip lights are preferred. To avoid the breakage of lights, resistant materials are used. It is also made kids friendly as it is safe to touch because the glass does not get overheated.

The design of the designer light that you will choose will depend on the theme of your home. The font selection should be such that it is easily readable, whether it is cursive, simple, or large. Knowing your application of LED lights, a perfect light should be selected.

The purpose of lighting using LED neon lights is to decorate your home. You can customize it as per your need and use it to decorate either your living room or garden area. So, its use is versatile, that is indoor and outdoor.

Hope the discussion above was insightful and will help you to have a better understanding. In case of any suggestions or queries, please feel free to share with us below in the comment section with us to make it more interesting for others.

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