A Brief Discussion on Six Useful Productivity Tips

A large number of employees hold themselves accountable by logging on to the productivity apps. A few depend on books and blogs specifying productivity quotes.

No matter how one derives motivation to get things done in the office, they may look for productivity tips, now and then, to move forward.

Don’t you think this applies to you? Consider the following – studies suggest that in an 8-hour workday, an average worker remains productive only for 2 hours and 53 minutes. That leaves behind plenty of room for improvement.

Have a To-Do List

Know what important goals you wish to work towards each day. You can chalk down a couple of high-value tasks.

Having a to-do list keeps you motivated and on track as you can take the day one task at a time. You are not overwhelmed with unsorted ideas or running from one task to another to manage your time better.

Focus on the Hardest Task First

The experts are providing the best sessions of executive coaching London said you must always deal with the hardest or least pleasant task first.

In the morning, you have the most energy and fewer distractions so that you can focus on difficult tasks seamlessly. It also sets a positive tone for the entire day. 

Review the Whole Week Each Friday

Many people go to bed with multiple thoughts gnawing at their minds. They do not have the time to process what they did as they are worried about what lies ahead. Always set aside a chunk of time every week to go over the previous week. Ask yourself the following:

  • Did I achieve what I desired to achieve?
  • Could I have achieved a similar amount in a shorter period?
  • Did I have to be personally present for each meeting?
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Find Out Your Most Productive Time

You must understand how the human brain works and when is it most productive. Everyone has a specific time of the day when they get an additional dose of creativity and concentration. For some, the time is right in the morning. For others, it comes post-lunch or during the evening.

Schedule tasks when you feel the most productive because then you can complete them without fail.

Create Boundaries

You have made a to-do list. You are ready to tackle the day, but you end up answering queries and random messages for several hours. It is lunchtime, and you have dropped and picked up so many tasks that you do not know what to focus on next.

To decrease such unnecessary distractions and interruptions, you must create boundaries. Are there hours you wish to block off for your tasks? Is there a definite time window when colleagues or clients should come to you with queries?

Setting boundaries and communicating them properly can help you manage your expectations and reclaim your schedule.

Automate Tasks

Automation can contribute to productivity. If you do a particular task repeatedly, automating it can save your time and take the burden off your head. You can use the extra hours on something more valuable.

Thanks to the productivity tips stated above, modern-day employees managed to accomplish almost all of their goals within a short period. They also felt less stressed.

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