Know the Best Food Storage Tricks to Save a Fortune

According to the latest research, a typical household tosses approximately 25% of the food they purchase. For a modern-day nuclear family, that could add up to over $2000 worth of food each year! Imagine what all one could do with such a huge amount. Maybe they can pay off their debts, stay on top of their utility bills, or splurge on a new dress.

The good news is that people can alleviate food wastage to a great extent through simple food storage tricks. When the food is stored correctly, one gets more time to eat it before it goes bad. The following write-up features advice about a few pantry staples, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, eggs, fish, and meat. Please check it out now.

Fruits and Vegetables


According to the providers of food containers in South Africa, if tomatoes seem wrinkly, they are most probably on their last legs. One can increase their lifespan for a week by roasting them. Keep the roasted tomato slices in a container full of olive oil, and they will easily stay good inside the refrigerator for a week.


Make sure to store the apples separately. Apples generate ethylene gas that can force the other foods to decay within a short period. But this trait may be considered beneficial when one wishes to ripen bananas quickly for banana bread.

Crunchy Veggies

To keep radishes, carrots, and celery fresh, one must chop them into neat pieces and keep them in a container full of water. They will stay fresh for an astonishingly long time that way.

Eggs, Fish, and Meat

Keep the fish inside a bag on top of a bowl with ice cubes inside the freezer. Store the eggs in the carton they come in. Keep meat and poultry in their original packaging if planning on cooking them the next day. If not, stick them inside a Ziploc bag or tin foil. To store smoked meats such as ham, bacon, etc., cover them with a vinegar-moistened cloth first and then wrap them inside a wax paper.

Pantry Staples


Storing bread inside the refrigerator is a bad idea because bread goes bad faster in a damp environment. Bread will stay fresh for the longest time if one keeps them outside on their kitchen counter in a lightly sealed container.

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The people residing in a humid area complained about salt clumping inside the shakers. To prevent this problem, they must sprinkle a little dry rice inside the shaker. The rice will absorb all the moisture, and the salt will not stick together.

Coffee Beans

Purchase whole coffee beans and grind them to get the maximum flavour. Store the beans inside an opaque and airtight container and use them within four to five days. If one has purchased more they can utilize in that period, keep them inside the freezer.

Dairy Products


Keep the milk cartons or bottles inside the main part of the refrigerator and not the door. The shelves in the door are comparatively warmer, and milk will stay fresh if one keeps it cold.


Before storing cheese in the fridge, please wrap it in a wax paper while allowing airflow but sealing the moisture out. Rubbing butter on cut cheese can also keep it fresh. In the case of shredded cheese, toss them in corn starch for a few minutes.

Sour Cream and Cottage Cheese


Sour cream and cottage cheese will stay fresh if one keeps them in an upside-down position in the fridge. Inverting the container creates a void that alleviates the chance of bacteria and mold growing beneath. 

The experts providing the best food containers in South Africa said several tips work for all foods. For instance, when keeping food inside the fridge, set the temperature at 40°F. Checking the expiration dates when making a purchase also saves a lot of effort.

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