3 Best Keyword Traffic Tools to Rank your Website in Google

As SEO marketers we make it to the point that our website hits the ranks and that people will never get past our website without even clicking it. We can either make good and valuable content, create an impact on a topic niche, refer to high-page rank sites and famous bloggers, or enrich our sites with the perfect keywords. The latter has been the most practical and widely used technique in building your rank up. This is the use of keywords.

So what are keywords again? Keywords are the common words or groups of words that most researchers type in the search box. In a certain topic niche, internet users would always have a common denominator of phrases or words that might match the information they’ve been looking for. A keyword is an offer given by the web to online marketers to position the website for free on the search engine results page. The perfect combination of keywords is a big plus since the technique is unrestrained on the web. Get those search engine robots looking for you if you got the keywords right.

If you wanted a skyrocketing result on your own page, you must have keen speculation of the well-used keywords for your topic. If you can’t match what the status quo used to type in to get a perfect match, you might end up wondering and dreaming about when will this site reach a height. So you have concluded that you needed assistance? Guess what, Google has its techniques too that can enhance your keyword-creating agenda. This comes with the introduction of Google Keyword Traffic Tools.

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Google Keyword Traffic tools help a lot in how to get the best keywords relevant to your traffic. With just a click, the search engine makes thorough research by many researchers on the same topic. Some of these tools or sites do even indicate the number of searches a certain keyword gets in a month making that word more credible and preferable for your article. Horizohub is a place where you can find related topics. If these tools or sites gave you good results, then enrich that article of yours with words that the public will most likely fill the search box.

Which Keyword tools can be utilized?

If you are looking for the best Google Keyword Traffic Tool available, the internet has a bunch of them to offer. Yet there are a good few that makes better results in your keyword scouting than the rest. Here we will show 3 of those Keyword tools, either paid or free. But somehow the free keyword tools may be more appreciable but you may want to check them all out.

Adwords Keywords Tool

This is officially known also as Keyword Planner. Keyword Planner is one good tool that gives exact keyword matches and the number of searches a keyword does per month. Plus it filters or disapproves ads along the search in order to optimize the best matches. Anyhow, this kind of tool, despite its very good performance, is not anymore for free today. This tool becomes accessible if you are advertising propaganda in Google Paid Ads. Without a paid advertisement, there will be no free access to this tool. But if you have the guts to use paid ads for a bonus in your money marketing technique, then go for it and make use also of this efficient keyword traffic tool.

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Keywords Everywhere

This keyword traffic tool is downloadable via the Chrome Web Store or in your Firefox search engine. This tool has a specific function of getting the number of searches done in a month for a certain keyword you typed in the search box. The number of searches is in the value by the word Volume under the search box. Other key features are the details next to volume which is CPC and Competition. If you are a newbie with the rest of the features, here are its simple definitions.

CPC stands for Cost-Per-Click and this counts as the amount an advertiser pays on every click done to this keyword. Competition measures the number of advertisers utilizing that keyword in running their ads. But Volume makes more material in your keyword searching agenda. If you want to see also other keywords that may match with what you typed, check out the bottom of the SERPs on the same page. A list of keywords related to your keyword will be gathered. It can also help a lot as well in adding more potential keywords other than your own that can enrich your article.

Word Tracker

Another good tool is the Word Tracker. Its free but it doesn’t really sound conventional or ethical in its name but it says what it really does! It seems that this site poops out keywords that are most related to your keyword of interest. Remember the previous tools mentioned earlier? If Keywords Everywhere has a sideline duty of poking out limited relevant words to your keyword, then Word Tracker does only that only job – to literally poop out every related keyword out from the net.

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The listed keywords is not as limited as Keywords Everywhere. You can search this site over a search engine like Google. You just need to type in the box under the word Download and hit the button below named as Shit Keywords. The site will download every possible keyword encoded by researchers and ranks them according to the number of searches a certain keyword has per month in a certain topic niche.

Pretty cool, right? This is the only thing it does but regardless of its unconventional name, it makes a very good countdown of a keyword´s quality to raise ranks.

You can either use all of the suggested tools aforementioned or to pick only some but the good thing is that Word Tracker tools are there to help. If you are still a novice in the online marketing sector, then search engines have a lot to offer in order to help. Make use of the best tools and add some spice to your business and articles and get those ranks within your reach.

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