How to Pick a Good Wedding Photographer for Your Wedding

Wedding photographs are the most precious tangible keepsakes that you can get in hand to reminisce about the most unforgettable moments of your life. You’ll need a good wedding photographer who has the experience and expertise to deliver top-notch quality results to make it stand out and be unique. The photographs of your wedding are a future gift to yourself and should give you the same feeling as you had on your wedding day when you look at them. 

Choosing the right photographer is indeed an important affair, and it is not advised to go with a random photographer off the hook. There are many factors that have to be considered when selecting a wedding photographer, because if your photographer is not someone who matches your vibe and expectations, there are high chances that the entire wedding coverage will go wrong. 

This article primarily focuses on the different factors or pointers you may want to consider while choosing the right wedding photographer.

Photography Style

Yes, this can be one of the main factors that helps you filter through the “n” number of options available to you. To understand the style of photography that you need to select from the best wedding photographers in Trivandrum, you might need to do some credible research on the style of photography you require. If you are someone who prefers traditional photography, where more emphasis is given to rituals and the overall attendees of the wedding, then go for photographers who are experts in clicking such photos.

Select a wedding photographer that can spot and anticipate a moment and take the shot at the proper and precise moment if you want the emotions of the wedding to be on display. Choose a person who is proficient in each of these favoured methods if you desire both techniques. Try emailing each photographer and getting to know their styles in depth; look at their Instagram for different ideas. 

Interview Photographers

Interviewing each photographer will take time, but if you want to find the right one who meets your expectations, make sure you get a personal interview with your preferred photographers. Before setting up a personal call, they are probably going to send you a portfolio of their recent work. Make certain that they send not just the highlights but also a good sneak peek into their work from beginning to end. This is the best way to analyze the extent and scope of their work. If you are going with a larger wedding photography company, then make sure that you get a detailed understanding of who is going to handle your wedding and request their individual portfolios. The individual portfolios can help you get a deeper understanding of the creativity of the photographers hired for the job. 

Ask them the top 3 works 

As mentioned above, you must analyze the photographer not only on what he or she has said, but also with a direct reference to their work that does not simply showcase their work from beginning to end. Highlights are indeed an easier option to go through, but they will only provide so much insight into the expertise of the wedding photographers. It can help you understand whether the photographer matches your style and how well he has carried the client and made them comfortable to deliver the most unique and outstanding wedding pictures and videos. 

Discuss the fee

The rate of the services have to be a factor that you have to be mindful of from the initial stage. Talking and interacting with different wedding professional photographers can help identify the relevant market rates and the ability to put forward questions if you find charging more than average rates prevalent in the market. Asking the wedding photographers to provide you with a detailed quotation that entails the services they offer, the number of photographers they would assign, and any additional charges with respect to travel or stay is a good idea, and when you have the quotations in hand, you can deliberate and choose the best that suits your expectations and budget restraints. 

The additional charges for albums and the timeframe within which they will deliver the final output of the wedding also have to be discussed while discussing the cost of the entire wedding photography package.

Schedule a test run

Before committing to the entire wedding photography, you can go ahead and book a trial run to see how they function, evaluate whether you are comfortable with the photographers, and even understand how creative they are with suggesting poses and discussing the ideas they are planning to do creatively with videos or photographs. People usually do the test run with either their engagement or their save the date, which are usually much less important than the wedding event. This will also help you get comfortable with your photographers before your big day, which in turn will lead to great photographs. 

Get peer reviews

You can also try to find good photographers from among your friends and consider them for your wedding as well. You will have direct access to the professionalism and work insight of the photographers. 

Go with your gut

After conducting the necessary research and shortlisting a few potential wedding photographers, you might still have a list of extremely good ones who keep up with their work quality and all the other attributes. At this juncture, it will be fitting to go with that wedding photographer that you seem to want for your wedding. Sometimes intuition is the best way. 

Wedding photographers are indeed a prime part of weddings, and choosing them has to be done after various considerations. Hope this blog was of help to you, and good luck in finding your perfect wedding photographer.

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