How To Open WPS Documents in Windows 10 & 11

WPS files Microsoft Works may no longer exist, but people still have WPS files from when they used it. Here’s how to open them in the 21st century.

WPS (Works) Documents in Windows

Microsoft Works is a defunct productivity suite that was discontinued in 2009. Despite the fact that MS Office has eclipsed Works, many users continue to use Works’ word processor. When people save their documents in Works, they save them in WPS format.

Some users still have old WPS files from Works on their computers. Because WPS is no longer a widely supported format, users may be wondering how to open old WPS files without Works. Although you can install the original suite by downloading and mounting an MS Works ISO, there are easier ways to open WPS documents in Windows 10 and 11.

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How to Use LibreOffice Writer to Open WPS Files

LibreOffice is one of the best free alternatives to Microsoft Office and supports the WPS format. It includes a word processor, database, spreadsheet, and presentation (slideshow) software. As a result, we recommend that users download and install LibreOffice in order to open WPS files. This is how to use LibreOffice Writer to open WPS Works documents.

  • Navigate to the LibreOffice 7.4.0 download page.
  • Click the Download button after selecting Windows (64-bit) from the OS drop-down menu. Users with 32-bit platforms should choose Windows (32-bit).
  • Then, in your browser software, choose to open a Downloads tab that displays downloaded items. To bring up that tab in Chrome, press Ctrl + J.
  • To launch the installer, double-click the LibreOffice 7.4.0 Win x64.msi file.
  • Next will bring up two installation options.
  • Select the Next option after selecting the Typical radio button.
  • Then select the Install LibreOffice option.
  • To exit the LibreOffice setup wizard, click Finish.
  • After the installation, you will be prompted to restart Windows. Choose to restart your computer.
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After you’ve installed LibreOffice Writer, it’s time to open your WPS files:

  • After restarting your computer, launch the LibreOffice Writer application. If you’re unsure where to start, press Win+ S and type “LibreOffice Writer” into the search tool.
  • Click the File menu in LibreOffice.
  • Then click Open to open a WPS file in the word processor.
  • To view and edit your selected WPS document, click Open.

How to Use File Viewer Plus 4 to Open WPS Files

File Viewer Plus 4 (FVP 4) may be of interest if you only need to view WPS files and not edit them. File Viewer Plus 4 is a file opener app that you can get from the Microsoft Store. The free version of that app supports over 200 file formats, including the WPS format. WPS documents can be opened with FVP 4 in the following ways:

1. Open the Microsoft Store, which is most likely pinned to your Start menu.
2. In the MS Store search box, type File Viewer Plus 4.
3. In the search results, select File Viewer Plus 4.
4. Get the app by pressing the Get button.
5. To launch File Viewer Plus, go to the app’s MS Store page and click Open.

6.Open the app’s folder navigator by selecting Browse Files.
7.To view a WPS file in the app, double-click it.

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How to Open WPS Files After Converting Them to PDF

Neither LibreOffice nor File Viewer Plus 4 guarantee that all WPS files will open with perfect formatting. Some users might prefer to convert their WPS documents to PDF. This will preserve the original formatting of the document and allow you to open its PDF in Firefox, Edge, Google Chrome, and other software packages. With the Convertio web app, you can convert WPS documents to PDF as follows:

  • Open the Convertio WPS to PDF Converter page in Edge or another web browser.
  • Choose Files from the drop-down menu.
  • Select a WPS file to convert and press the Open button.
  • To convert, press the red Convert button.
  • To save the new PDF document, click Convertio’s Download button.
  • Open the folder containing the downloaded PDF document by pressing Win + E.

The former WPS document can then be opened by right-clicking its converted PDF and selecting Open with > Edge. If Edge is your default PDF viewer, double-clicking the file will open it in that browser.


As a result, you don’t need the MS Works software to open any old WPS files. WPS files can be opened with software such as LibreOffice Writer, Microsoft Word, and File Viewer Plus 4.


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