How Can The Right Hauling Truck Size Lower Operating Costs?

Mining and other larger construction projects are costly to carry out. However, choosing the right heavy equipment can make things feasible for the contractors and the client as well. Besides the right equipment, the right size is more important to lower the operating cost. The operating cost depends on the amount of fuel being used in the equipment operation. If you pick the wrong size of the equipment then it will contradict the job and will increase the operating cost. You will not get the desired result too.

During mining, the excavator and hauling truck must be compatible to make the job more productive and less expensive. You can use different tools to know about the exact sizing of the equipment. Most equipment dealers use site simulation tools for this purpose. But you can take help from heavy equipment dealers in this regard. The dealer will need some details about the construction site and will suggest to you the best size of excavator and hauling truck.

In this article, you will know some tips about how the right size of equipment can lower your equipment operation cost. 

  • Truck loading

One of the important aspects in reducing the operational cost of the truck is to efficiently load the truck. It is better to load the ruck from the side. The side loading of the truck will give you the leverage of faster cycle time. It will also help you to save money, fuel, and time.

  • Bucket loading

Loading a bucket is another way to save fuel costs. It is better to evenly distribute the load on the bucket bed so that no side can get tripped. Mostly when you are loading a bucket with mud, it may get stuck at one side which will put pressure and burden only on one side. This way the truck and equipment will have to put extra effort into carrying that load. The operator needs to make sure how to make an even bed of load in the bucket.

  • Choose the right boom and arm

The boom and arm are the main part of an excavator that moves the bucket while carrying the load. Some construction sites require longer reach. When you move the arm, it is hard to reach the longest point so you need to move the entire equipment. This maneuvering will use more fuel and increases the cost of operation. Hence, using the long arm will give you the benefit of staying at one point and reaching the required space. This way you can save fuel as you will not need to move back and forth to reach the point.

  • On-board weighing scale

This system can save around 40% of fuel. when you install an onboard weighing scale in the excavator or truck, you do not need to move to the weighing point every time. the system is efficient enough to weigh the load and record the data in digital format at the same time. you save, money, time, and effort, all at once. Understand the system before installing it. You will get different light indicators and a digital screen showing the amount of the weight and will also notify you of overloading. The yellow color sometimes blinks when you are overloading the load on the bucket. The light color may also vary but it will be indicated on the system. You can also upgrade your used old equipment with this system as it will be a lifesaver for your company in many aspects.

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The right size of mining equipment like an excavator grouped with a truck hauler can save you money, time, and effort at the same time. You get a lot of benefits from picking the right size of equipment. The wrong size of the equipment may also increase the operating cost of the equipment so you need to choose the size of equipment considering the project requirement. If you are not sure about the right size of the equipment, you may take help from the heavy equipment dealers. In this article, we have mentioned a few tips to reduce the operating cost of the equipment once you pick the right size for your mining project.

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