Want To Preserve The Quality Of Cashmere Blankets? Apply These Tips

Intricate items are the products that create an essence of beauty that goes beyond what one wants to express. In other words, the more intricate it is, the more beautiful it becomes. Because with intricacy comes delicacy.

One of the best examples of this is the cashmere blanket. Yes, you heard it right. The blanket, or any kind of product made out of cashmere wool, is delicate, intricate, and matches aesthetics’ criteria on point.

Because of these reasons, many aristocrats have called this a sign of luxuriousness, just like a modern painting, bearing the tone of expressionism. To protect its purity, you have to take precautionary steps. In other words, you have to do certain things to maintain its luxuriousness.

Tips for preserving the quality of cashmere blankets:

Cashmere wool is one of the rare and expensive elements that is used to make products. The wool’s rarity and expensiveness come from the fact that the wool comes from the Himalayan goat’s underbelly, which sheds only once a year.

This factor makes the whole product the label of a “luxury” because it not only increases the price points but ensures that the one who has bought it gets to encounter an experience that will linger in their memories.

Here are some tips that you must employ while handling the product: a blanket or anything.

● Washing is one of the important things you have to do to make the product look fresh and clean. However, washing a cashmere blankets does not require the same treatment that you do for your other woolly products. Washing cashmere with your hand is by far the safest option you can opt for.

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● If you do not want to wash it with your hands, then ensure that you wash it in the washing machine, alone, with a bit of detergent. But the selection of the wool-program is a must.

● The temperature should be set at 30°C maximum, and the spin should be set on at least 400/500 “turns”.

● The use of fabric softener is not recommended as it might not beat the same result. The beauty of the cashmere product lies in the fact that the more one uses it, the softer it becomes. So the need to use fabric softener is prohibited.

● Always use a specialised wool detergent or cashmere shampoo to clean the product.

● Soaking the blanket is also prohibited. Ensure that you do not twist it. Let the water run naturally.

● Do not use a dryer to dry the blanket. Leave it on air to dry it naturally.

● Iron is recommended, but if you prefer a blanket without crisp, we suggest you iron it on low heat. Pressing or stretching is a strict no-no.

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The microns of the wool, which varies from 13 to 15 microns, is why the products are super bouncy, soft, and comfortable. The breathability of the cashmere blanket makes it perfect for every kind of weather.

However, we recommend you not to use any kind of hard-chemicals. Heavily chemical materials will create a negative impact on the product ruining its integrity. Apply these tips to keep enjoying the exceptional item.

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