Simple Pooja Mandir Room For Indian Homes 2022

There are countless ways to decorate your puja room. Here are a few tips that will help you decorate your puja room. Depending on your budget, you can use wood, glass, laminates, or MDF. Once you’ve decided on the style and theme of your puja room, you can purchase or make your own decorative items. Adding diyas, bells, sculptures, and lamps are great ways to add a touch of Indian culture to your home.

Wooden doors

For those who do not practice religion, a pooja room in the living room is a perfect option for a modern mandir. Unlike a portable one, this wooden temple is larger and comes with a wooden door with a glass design. It also has two drawers for common mandir items. This wall-mounted temple is perfect for a small living room or bedroom, as it is not visible to the rest of the room.

Choosing a door design is an important decision. This is a crucial part of the entire structure of the room, and gives a first impression to visitors. A door that blends with the overall decor of the house is ideal. There are several types of designs to choose from, but getting one that matches your taste is a bit tricky. In this case, you may want to seek the help of a professional interior designer.

One option is a stone-clad wall, which gives the prayer room a fresh and earthy look. This is a popular design for a prayer room, and will give your interiors a touch of class. If you want to save money, stone-clad walls are an excellent choice, and cost around Rs. 95 per square foot. Another option is using different shades of stone.
Glass doors

There are many varieties of material for the Pooja room door. Some are Vastu-compliant, such as wood. Other materials can be used in addition to wood, including plywood. Wooden doors with elaborate designs have a classic feel, but plywood is a more modern option. Glassdoors are a versatile option, and are perfect for the modern home. They can be frosted or clear, or etched to offer partial visibility and ventilation.

If you have limited space for a prayer room, a wall mounted unit is an excellent choice. Be sure to mount it at a suitable height and use dark wooden laminates to create a beautiful, spacious area. Glass doors can make the room more elegant and streamlined, without compromising the overall look of the room. If you wish to add a traditional touch, you may want to place a temple bell inside the room. Also, photos of deities are appropriate in a prayer room.

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Another popular design for a Pooja mandir is a carved MDF jali. These designs are not only beautiful, but also functional, adding a touch of class to the interiors. And best of all, these designs are relatively inexpensive. The average price for stone cladding is around Rs. 95 per square foot. A wall cladding with stone is a stylish way to add a little bling to any Pooja room.


There are several options for designing the interiors of the Pooja room. The main purpose of this room is to hold religious ceremonies. It is important that it is well-lit, airy, and faces the sunrise to ensure that it receives the proper amount of light. You can use white or off-white marble for the walls and floors. You can also use jali work to enhance the spiritual aura of the room. You can incorporate it into the puja unit, the doors, or the room partition.

The first step is to determine the location of the puja room. You can install it near the entrance of the house, to attract prosperity and a peaceful home. However, avoid cramming the space with a small puja unit. Use a large frame with stylish trim. You can also install lamps and diyas. A lamp placed on the wall will bring a special glow and enhance the beauty of the puja unit.

If you don’t have a designated pooja room, you can incorporate elements of meditation in the living room. Place framed images of your idols or favorite religious symbols on the side table. Hang bells and wind chines in places where there is a regular breeze. If you have a small pooja room, you should make sure to keep your idols six inches above the floor.

Aside from having a distinct location, the Pooja room should be uncluttered and free from unnecessary clutter. Avoid placing objects on the platform of worship, as this can make it difficult for you to perform the pooja properly. Instead, consider planning the storage of Pooja utilities to keep the room tidy. By keeping only what you need for the pooja, you will emphasize the room’s importance and ensure that the pooja is a meaningful experience.

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In an effort to add an elegant and natural look to the Pooja ghar, you can use metallic touches to accentuate the design. However, you should take care not to overdo the use of metallics. You can find a variety of finishes in the market today. These materials can be used as a background or as a focus element. Here are a few options to consider:

If you don’t have a separate pooja room, you can still incorporate elements of meditation into your living space. For instance, you can place your favorite idols or framed images of religious symbols on your side tables. You can also hang bells or wind chines in a location that receives a regular breeze. A traditional pooja room should be lit by natural light, but it should also be ventilated enough to accommodate smoky rituals.

Lattice screens

If you’re looking for modern-day pooja room designs, you might be interested in the use of jali panels. These screens are a great choice for adding a touch of ornateness to your entryway. They can serve as wall accents or serve as the focal point of a room. They can also create a foyer if there isn’t one.

To create a simple pooja room design, consider a standalone wooden cubicle. These units are very versatile, and can be custom-designed to fit a particular room. For example, you can cut out a room from a living or dining area, and then install a puja unit. It is important to keep in mind that the space you choose must meet Vastu Shastra requirements. To make this space more appealing, incorporate modern touches such as floating shelves and wood cupboards. Soft focus lights will provide better illumination, visibility, and a beautiful glow.

Adding a puja unit near the entrance to a house can bring prosperity. However, avoid crowding the room with small deities or other embellishments. Instead, pick a large frame with an attractive trim. If you have a small entrance, you can also add a spotlight to the puja unit to make it look bright and welcoming. The lattice pattern is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also a practical choice if you have children.

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Stone cladding

The opulence of a pooja ghar can be achieved in almost any home or apartment. If the pooja room is small, a cubical partition is a good idea. Glass panels should be used instead of wood as wood will make the room look dark. Translucent walls are ideal since they let the light pass through easily. Either etched glass with decorative designs will work.

For a Puja room that will exude the sanctity of Hindu worship, you can use marble. This is a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing material, and is extremely easy to maintain. Marble can also blend well with other marble flooring, avoiding visual clashes. For a more elaborate puja room, you may opt for highly polished surfaces in the walls and ceiling.

Lighting is a key component of any room, and the pooja room is no different. While a candle will add to the ambience, it will look even more beautiful when the room is illuminated. Use ambient lighting to illuminate the focal points, rather than focused lights. Pendants or ceiling mounted fixtures are ideal choices for lighting, as the frosted glass will add a unique touch to the space.

In recent days, stone cladding is a popular cladding choice for homes. Stone is a beautiful material to use as it is natural and eco-friendly. While it is a luxurious material, it can also be costly. Stone veneer is a highly labor-intensive process and requires expert knowledge. So, it is not for everyone, but it is certainly worth considering if you are serious about designing a home.

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