Is it safe to let your baby sleep in a baby cradle swing?

Many parents use infant swings so that their babies can enjoy a good night’s sleep. But on the other hand, they also wonder if a baby can sleep in a swing all night. Some parents also wonder if overusing swings can cause certain development issues in the babies. In case you have a small baby and you are considering going for a baby cradle swing, here are a few things you should know.

Negatives of using baby swings

Babies love to sleep in a swing because they feel that a swing is similar to their mother’s womb. But long durations and repetitive use of swings are not recommended. SIDS is one of the most common risks of making your baby sleep in a baby cradle swing.

Developmental issues

Babies spend time by themselves which is very important for their development. If your baby is in the swing the whole day, it can restrict his movements and limit the way he uses the space around him. If the baby is not given free space to crawl, move, or walk, it can lead to major developmental problems.

Chances of injury

If the material of the swing is not up to the mark, it can cause further injuries. Some babies tend to develop bruises and bumps if they are kept in a cradle swing for a long period of time. When kids start to stand, there is a risk that they might fall off the swing if they are left unsupervised.

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Risk of SIDS

SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. There are high chances that if the baby doesn’t sleep in the right manner, there is a risk of SIDS. If the baby is not kept in the right manner in the swing, it might be difficult for him to get oxygen while sleeping. Also, the lack of stability in the cradle swing might wake up the baby frequently which can cause disturbance while sleeping.

What are the alternatives to a swing?

Sometimes sleeping for long hours in a swing might affect the shape of the baby’s spine, there are a few alternatives that you can consider for putting your baby to sleep.

  1. You can rock the baby in your arms
  2. You can play natural sounds like the sound of the wind, rain, etc.
  3. Can take the baby in your arms and walk.
  4. Some babies tend to sleep in moving vehicles. So, you can take your baby for a car ride during his nap time.
  5. Play a soft lullaby and tap the baby on his head so that he can fall asleep in his cot.

How to use a baby cradle swing safely?

These warnings and tragedies may make new parents say a big ‘no’ to cradle swings. But this isn’t the case. Don’t overdo anything. There are many ways to use baby swings in a safe manner.

  • Don’t allow your baby to sleep in an infant swing the whole night. Whenever the baby falls asleep, move the baby to a firm and flat sleep surface.
  • Don’t put too many toy mobiles in the baby’s sleeping area that the baby can easily pull off.
  • In case your baby is less than four months, keep the baby in a reclined position on the swing so that the chances of falling forward are reduced.
  • Keep the seat at a 50-degree angle and use shoulder straps to keep the baby in place.
  • Make sure that the swing doesn’t tip over easily.
  • Before buying a cradle swing for your baby, make sure that you are buying the one that follows all safety standards.
  • Consult the weight limits on your baby swing. In case your baby is heavy, don’t put your baby on the cradle swing.
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To conclude

Swinging can help to soothe down a fussy child so you cannot totally ignore the benefits of having one for your baby. You can keep your baby in the cradle swing for naps and during his playtime. You can use the baby cradle swing to let your child fall asleep. The moment he does, you can shift him to the crib. The basic point to understand here is that you shouldn’t overdo the usage of the swing.

Let your baby enjoy swinging and falling asleep. But don’t keep the baby in the cradle swing for long hours. Lastly, you should place the swing alongside your bed so that you can control the movements and supervise the baby when he is sleeping. Keeping your baby close to yourself also gives mental satisfaction to the baby. Since babies are very raw, they totally depend upon their parents for their growth. So, as a parent, you should act smart and don’t overuse anything just for your comfort.

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