How to Decorate a Kid’s Room? Five Tips to Consider

Decorating a kid’s room presents a series of exclusive challenges whether you are handling a feisty eight year old football fan or a preteen princess passionate about everything glittery. The aim is to bring in a youthful and fresh energy to the décor without neglecting the vital aspects. The below-mentioned tips will let you create an aesthetically appealing and fully functional haven that your little one would love to spend all their time in.

Incorporate Graphics

Whether you do it through decals, old paint and brush, or wallpapers, incorporating graphics can illuminate a kid’s room seamlessly. Graphics add zest to a specific setting and according to the strategy you select, they can fit a wide range of budgets too. Invest in your kids’ favorite motifs like cartoon characters, animals, birds, flowers, etc. Your kids will grow up fast and their tastes will change, so opt for something that would not embarrass them in a year.

Be Creative with the Storage

The best interior decorators Cape Town said it is always viable to include abundant storage in a kid’s room. Be creative when inculcating the pieces of storage. Make beautiful choices like a cabinet that seamlessly amalgamates with the overall theme of the room. Colourful chests and baskets are great for storing clothes and toys. Go for beds with drawers and shelves beneath to tuck away linen, throw pillows, blankets, bolsters, etc.


Choosing a vibrant color scheme will bring that upbeat vibe to a kids’ room. Opt for a palette that has at least three primary colors or pastel shades. Purchase colorful blinds, bedspreads, wall panels, and rugs since they can give the room a definite flavor. Make sure to stabilize the bolder shades with spots of comfortable neutrals for a beautiful visual.

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Smart Shelving

Open shelves are considered a smart storage system for the kids’ room. They keep certain things out of reach of younger children as well as display a wide range of décor elements. As an added advantage, since these shelves remain off the floor most of the time, they hardly take any space. You can stack the shelves in asymmetrical arrangements to add fascination to the walls.

Play and Work Zones

To help the kids stay organized, define the play and work zones properly. Set up one area for creative art, homework, and puzzle projects. Place the study table near the window so you can study in natural sunlight and fresh breeze. Create a bright nook where your children can play. Keep here video games, electronic cars, stuffed animals, etc.

According to the best interior decorators Cape Town, when styling your children’s home, make sure to take their habits and preferences into consideration. Everyone is unique in his/her own way, so, opt for a look that can capture a wide range of personalities without any hassle. Encourage your little one to get involved in the entire procedure – it will be fun that way.

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