How to Check the Reputation of a Home Builder Before Buying a House?

The credibility of the builder is the foremost thing one must confirm before going ahead with buying a home. The materials used, whether the standard construction process has been followed or not and the quality of the internal components cannot be examined on a completed home. Only the reliability of the builder would help affirm that the construction might have been done according to the standard processes. And the stay in the home would be peaceful, without frequent defects or construction-related defects.

Delivering quality homes is the only way for homebuilders to strengthen their credibility and create a strong reputation. Homebuyers should proceed with a particular builder only if it is a reputed one. Else, it may happen that you have paid exorbitantly for a home of low quality. If you are a buyer from Kerala, you can check out houses for sale in Angamaly at affordable prices. The quality built, luxurious villas at the prime location would be great for staying and as an investment option. 

Having said that, Kerala is blessed to have a bunch of trustworthy real estate developers. Nevertheless, only a few offer competitively priced homes that could be afforded by all. The advisable way is to fix the budget, decide the location, list out the amenities required, and handpick a few builders. The one that meets all (or most of them) laid down requirements could be approached for site visits and negotiations. 

1. Testimonials

Testimonials from the “real” customers would be ideal for getting an idea about the home builder. The customer and his/ her family would provide a first-hand opinion about the quality of components and accessories used, the design specialties, and the pros and cons. Of course, every builder will have advantages and disadvantages. Evaluating the positives and negatives would be useful for decision-making. The testimonials on the website also could be considered. However, it will give only a rosy picture of the builder.

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2. Track-record

Check out the history of the builder. The data of the properties they sold could be considered a yardstick for recognizing the performance of the builder. Any property developer with a strong market presence will have a bunch of completed and ongoing projects. The projects will indicate how confident they are, about the growth. Additionally, the type of projects and location of the projects may be checked.

3. Referrals

Referrals from friends, relatives, or colleagues are more realistic than anything else are. One can rely on word-of-mouth than any marketing campaign, testimonials, and promises from the builder. A visit to the existing customer’s home will reveal the designing aspects, architectural peculiarities, and class of construction.

4. Rating by Independent Agencies

Independent agencies like CRISIL monitor the homebuilding sector and issue ratings based on the performance. The ratings would have been decided after examining all the parameters related to home construction, delivery schedule, and reliability.  Such ratings would highlight the dependability. Not many builders succeed in gaining admirable ratings from independent agencies. Those who could perform persistently, without sacrificing quality, would have outstanding quality ratings. The experts from the quality assurance agencies examine the projects thoroughly before issuing a rating, as it can impact the credibility of the rating agency.

5. Financial Stability of the Firm

The financial stability of the builder would be an essential factor to ascertain. They must have enough funds to meet any type of crisis and complete the project. Bankruptcy or uncontrolled debt can affect any company. The investor will be losing hard-earned money in such a condition. Get any document that confirms the financial status of the builder. Or check online to know the share value and financial report of the company in the previous quarter and fiscal. Don’t miss out on this point. We have examples of real estate developers from Kerala and regions in India, who swindled customer’s money and are facing legal proceedings.  

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The Brief

Buying a home is a long-pending dream for many. The construction quality of the home is of paramount importance. A house, villa, or apartment is considered a lifetime investment. Repeated defects would turn your life in such a home miserable. It should neither happen that you end up losing money in the eagerness to own a home at the earliest.

The reputation of the homebuilder is the benchmark for affirming their optimistic identity. It is a commendable aspect that most of the dependable real estate developers and builders in Kerala offer exceptional support to clients. They will assist in obtaining a home loan as well. Making it a trouble-free and easy buying experience. The formation of the Real estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) has been effective in curbing several violations in the sector. Presently, the country has a uniform regulation concerning real estate development, intended to support the customer and boost the sector.

Choose the right builder and buy a home at the prime location.

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