How to Become a Mindful Parent? Consider Four Tips

How to Become a Mindful Parent? Consider Four Tips

At times, we spend time with our kids out of habit instead of being truly present in the moment. We give the same punishments again and again. We hardly listen when the kids are expressing their opinions. We rush to get to home from work and from work to home, and whatever lies in between is a huge blur.

Now most individuals do not like staying in such a mental space. They wish to do fun activities with their kids, listen what dreams their kids have, and be fair as well as just. All-in-all they want to be a good parent!

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Mindfulness is one way to ensure the above. The phrase may sound complex but to master it all you must do is make conscious choices. The below-mentioned tips have put several modern-day parents on the road to mindfulness. Within a short period, they managed to establish an excellent relationship with their kids.


The experts providing the best mindfulness course online said parents must spend a minimum of five and a maximum of thirty minutes meditating. The twenty minute mark is considered sweet spot for most individuals, allowing substantial amount of time to engage and reap almost all of the benefits of meditation. They do not get bored or have to compromise their schedule. Now that’s great, right?

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Pay Attention to  Your Breathing

Breathing is an integral body function. We do not think about breathing or do anything extra to breathe – it just happens. But when are mindful about breathing, this automatic function becomes a tool to make our life better. The simplest way is to inhale air through the nose and exhale it slowly through the mouth. This alleviates heart rate, contributing to the sense of peace and calm.

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Identify Your Triggers

When you parent your kids, things from your own childhood may crop up. Whether it is constantly being reminded of unpleasant things or parenting the way your parents did because that’s what you grew up with, it is not always the best way.

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To become a mindful parent, try to identify your triggers as soon as possible. Understanding that a particular behavior from your kid pushes you towards something negative lets you take a step backwards and respond better.

It is fine to disagree with the way your parents parented you and to focus on your parenting style.

Acknowledge that Your Kids are Different from You

Parenting is an incredibly challenging task.  You wish your kids to have the same morals, values, beliefs, and thoughts you have, but they need to be their own person. It is an excessively fine line to walk to assure that both happen.

The experts providing mindfulness course online said mindful parenting is all about acknowledging that your kids are different from you. They are separate beings. This means recognizing that they have the freedom to have a different moral, value, belief, and thought.

Your kids obviously do not have a free reign though. They cannot talk back or run around doing whatever they want to do. You are just recognizing that they are not your clone or your miniature version and that is okay.

Being a mindful parent or having a powerful hold over mindfulness needs practice. But it does pave the way for a better bonding opportunity between you and your kids and makes parenting quite easy. And we are always happy to find tricks that make us a good parent, right?

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