Six Amazing Tricks to Keep Food Hot On the Go

Whether you wish to enjoy last night’s leftovers or have a delicious soup on a road trip, mentioned below are a few tricks to keep food warm on the go. They save money, and you do not have to rely on cold sandwiches for lunch. Not to mention, they are generally healthier than the readily available takeaway options.

Wrap the Food in Aluminium Foils

The experts offering high-quality food containers South Africa for a reasonable price said wrapping the food in aluminium foil is a great idea. Aluminium traps the steam and prevents the heat radiation from escaping. However, it cannot stop the heat loss via conduction. So it would be best if you covered the foil with a tea towel. This acts as an additional layer of insulation –keeping the food hot for a long period.

Add Hot Bricks, Heat Packs or Hot Water Bottles

It would help if you added an external source of heat. Hot bricks, heat packs, and hot water bottles can keep food warm. Pre-heat the said sources and place them next to the food. Now wrap everything in a towel. The accumulated heat energy inside makes sure your food remains at a desirable temperature for almost eight hours. Now that’s an amazing trick, right?

Invest in Insulated Thermos or Thermal Bags

Insulated thermos works best for small amounts of food. Thermoses can keep food warm because they are made from double-walled stainless steel with a vacuum between outer and inner walls. They come in a wide range of sizes.

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Thermal bags are also great for keeping small bits of food warm for shorter periods. They trap the heat with an aluminium lining and plastic insulation. Besides being reasonably priced, thermal bags acquired extensive popularity for their reusable nature and lightweight.

Rely on a Thermal Cooker

Thermal cookers are designed for cooking meals without electricity. Did you know they can keep food warm too? It implements the same vacuum insulation technology as a thermos, but since it can hold a much larger quantity of food, it keeps the food hot for even longer. A few modern-day thermal cookers have bottoms manufactured from cast iron. These retain substantial heat.

Keep the Hot Foods Together

If you plan to carry several hot dishes, it seems like a good idea to place them together closely. The foods take heat from one another and remain warm for a long period. You must not keep any cold foods since they can absorb heat quickly.

Prepare the Food Excessively Hot

It is necessary to remember that food on the go will cool down after a specific period. If you make the food excessively hot, it will cool down to a desirable temperature by the time you eat it. Make the food as hot as possible without, of course ruining its taste.

Are you planning on keeping food warm for a prolonged period? If yes, you must pay attention to safety and the possibility of bacteria growth. According to studies, food above 60°C or 140°F stays intact without any hassle. However, temperatures between 4-60°C or 40-140°F are dangerous. The food gets spoiled and may even become poisonous.

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