Flashing Mobile App Development Trends 2022 – 2023

Here are the mobile app development trends you can vouch for in 2022 – 2023. This list is illustrative (not comprehensive)!

Every year new trends hover around mobile application development. Such mobile app development trends significantly improve user experience on Android and iOS platforms. These mobile environments are generally steered by virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence.

Which are those two things that you must consider if you need to pitch in as a strong-edged competitor? It is the time and the trends. app development essential to be on or before time to keep an eye on your competition, where they are heading, and what you can do better to be there first. It is then essential to fructify the trends in the market. Are you capable of setting up new ones or making the existing ones look better? The year 2022-2023 is all set to showcase the latest research and visualized nuggets. Let’s see:

Super Apps

A Super App is a mobile or web platform that offers multiple services, which include payments, and processing financial transactions. ‘Tata Neu’ is one such Super App that provides everything from salt to steel. We have an Amazon app that sells almost anything, but it does not want to be called a super app yet. ‘WeChat’ is another one that offers voice and text messaging, group messaging, payments, and games in one app.

Person-to-Person Applications

P2P Mobile Apps like Google Pay, Cash App, Phone Pe, Alipay, Circle Pay, PayPal, PayTM, Venmo, Zelle, Western Union, Remitly, Alibaba, AliExpress, Lazada feature (1) notifications, Fingerprint security lock, transaction history, Unique ID/OTP, enable bank transfer, buy and sell cryptocurrencies, sends bills and invoices, chatbots, Digital wallet, Send and request money, Currency conversion, Unique one-time passwords or IDs, Transfer to a bank account, History of previous transactions, Push notifications, and Chatbot. Such apps are tied to the bank account and allow sending money to someone or instantly accepting a payment. Peer to Peer apps can work on:

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(1) Standalone vendor business models (Venmo, PayPal, Square Cash, Alipay, M-Pesa, Airfox)

(2) Social Media platforms (Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Kik, WeChat, GPay Send, WhatsApp, Square Cash)

(3) Mobile OS-centric Services (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay)

(4) P2P Money Transfer Apps (WorldRemit, Azimo, Venmo, PayPal, Western Union, TransferWise (TransferWise is now Wise.), or MoneyGram)

P2P is tied with a credit card, bank account, wallet account balance, and credit from P2P, and can be used to transfer money to other people, internet stores, or with e-commerce marketplace applications.

Due to an increase in (1) Automation, (2) AI and ML, (3) Data and analytics, (4) Supplier diversity, (5) Global compliance, (6) Global regulations, and (7) Transparency, procure to pay apps will be in high demand in 2022-2023.


Metaverse is a virtual world created by integrating AI, VR, and AR in real life. It is a simulation of hypothetical internet iteration in infinite 3D virtual settings. It started as Meta (Facebook) and got popular after integrating virtual space into the physical 3-dimensional digital world for people to connect, network and create through technological innovation in VR, AR, and wearable technologies.

Metaverse will be popular due to Metaverse coins. Also, cosmetic brands like Beiersdorf, Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, Jo Malone, NARS Cosmetics, Holition, Shiseido, and Dior Beuty are going to sell make-up materials for 3D avatars and will develop NFTs for games, and online platforms in 2022. Moreover, Disney is viewing immense potential in the metaverse and is planning to enhance the entertainment experience for both the physical and digital worlds. Adding to it, Intel, a technology company is planning their entry into the Metaverse realm. H&M has opened a store in Metaverse and provides its customers to shop on Metaverse with Ceek Coins.

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Instant Apps

The main idea behind Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) is to allow users to try apps (games) without installing and downloading them. Just click and start using. It does not even require space on your mobile device. One icon shortcut will appear which can be clicked and used as such. This technology is useful for e-commerce businesses and gaming apps. New York Times has started a Crossword app that is an instant version of the online game. Users can click and start playing straightaway. Instant apps give businesses a competitive advantage, increase customer retention, and engagement, convert more leads and propagate sales and revenue.

Enterprise Mobility

Something or the other will trend depending on its uniqueness, firmness, stability, offerings, scope, benefits and the ability to fix some problem. Every such trend is accompanied by a subordinate smart device. But it can often be challenging to manage them. Enterprise Mobility Solutions ease this task and keeps companies updated with the latest devices, technologies, and trends in the market. Latest Enterprise mobility Trends include 5G Network, Wi-Fi Edition 6, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), AI-based Chatbots, and Wearables.

Voice Search

Elderly people, and those who are less frequent with mobile technology often use text to search online to share instant messages on apps like WhatsApp. Voice Search Trends & Predictions will trend in 2022 with the introduction of touchless technologies like voice-activated assistants. It helps reduce or completely eliminate touch points and is secure. People normally use text to search to (1) ask for directions, (2) dictate texts, (3) call someone, (4) check the time, (5) play a song, (5) find out movie times, etc. Voice commands are mostly used for local search. Smart speakers drive voice search adoption.

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Smart Voice assistants for healthcare are being used to (1) Ask about illness symptoms, (2) ask about medical information, (3) Find a clinic, hospital, pharmacy, etc.(4) Research treatment options, and (5) Ask about nutritional information, (6) Find a medical professional or health provider, (7) Shop for medications, pricing, etc. (8) Schedule a visit to a hospital or clinic, (9) Provide care for a family member or relative, (10) Connect to a health gadget or tracker.

AR/VR Apps

AR and VR Apps in 2022 make the customer experience more efficient and comfortable, increase sale through effective use of technology, improves communication, and uses comprehensive analytics to better understand consumer behaviour to promote the company’s products effectively. Also, it provides information in real-time, facilitates training and mirroring real-life experience, enhance creativity in product design and development, enables the remote workforce to collaborate in real-time, and captures eyes and gesture tracking, including user’s purchase history to predict future behaviour.

AR and VR application development companies develop games where players can earn coins, and redeem them on their next subscription (purchase). Example: The Sandbox is a Hong Kong Based gaming platform that works within decentralized worlds, and often uses crypto exchange and NFTs to traverse into digital simulation and shared space, facilitating monetization of individual virtual experiences. They also make use of APIs to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning into Android Apps. Examples Face API, Text API, Barcode API.


This list of top mobile app development trends in 2022 is illustrative. Companies use technologies to fortify their development processes, considering the scope and available resources. These trends have their implications for both consumers and businesses and an ongoing shift favours the rise of global adoption of mobile devices.

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