How Can You Save Big for Your Tattoo?

How Can You Save Big for Your Tattoo?

Besides admiring the natural surroundings and visiting all the noted tourist spots, when in the Philippines, make sure to do something adventurous. How about getting a tattoo? The Southeast Asiatic nation has several parlors that adorn the skin while maintaining hygiene.

Tattoos are an amazing addition to the body. They help one express suppressed emotion and honor a dead family member or friend. As tattoos are so special, they are considered a significant investment. Make sure to save up because quality ink never comes cheap. Always rely on the best tattoo artist in the Philippines or your preferred location to get the best results.

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Freelance the Skills

People nowadays have excellent opportunities to monetize their skills and use their free time to work. One can opt for jobs related to event management, graphic designing, copywriting, etc., and spend the earned sum on the tat.

Download a Budgeting App

To meet the cost of a tattoo, one can seek help from a budgeting app. It tracks the finances and stresses the items on which most of the money is spent. Try deciding what to cut back from the collected data and set aside the cash left for the ink.

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Night Ins

The experts keeping their tattoo shops open for everyone said most of their clients save for an aesthetic piece by not going out for a month. Yes, host date nights or girls’ nights in the house. Just think how much money is saved that one would have otherwise spent on movie tickets, popcorn, small soda, restaurant buffer, etc.

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Be Passionate

Wondering how much are tattoos? Much more than one can, unfortunately, imagine. That being said, the tats are not stars and moon, or in other words, something out of reach. Just be passionate enough.

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When a person has a passion for anything, in this case, decorating the skin, he/she would not be tempted or distracted by a pair of shoes or an online sale. He/she will put the credit card away and save whatever he/she can.

Cancel Subscriptions

This one will sting a little. But people are known to cancel Netflix, HBO, and Hulu subscriptions to save for their ink. They also stop taking sports magazines and beauty boxes for extra cash. Hey, $10 or $15 a month can go a long way down the road.

Savings Jar

Get the grown-up version of a piggy bank. If one is still in college or working as a barista, he/she must realize that every penny counts. For several years, the experts who have opened tattoo shops saw clients bringing mason jars filled with spare changes and singles. One can cultivate a habit of putting a dollar every time his/her family member calls.

Be Aware of the Tax Refund

This is an excellent way of saving money without giving up on anything substantial. If one is willing to wait for tat, they can invest the tax refund on their brand-new ink. Isn’t that great?

The price of tattoos depends on design, size, and placement, be it the best tattoo in the Philippines or any other location. Some artists charge per hour while others follow an entirely different procedure. By implementing the ways stated above, one would be able to save enough cash for his/her desired ink.

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