Different Types of Generators for Your Busines and Home

Power outages are work disruptors and create havoc at work sites and in homes. It is very difficult to work through times of power cuts, which cause a lot of unplanned shutting down of work and eventually affect the timelines set for completion of work. Therefore, if you are someone experiencing a high amount of power outages, you have to add in an inverter or generator that can help combat such unpredictable power loss. Generators use backup fuels like gasoline, propane, natural gas, etc. to convert into electrical energy. These backups will help you run the essential appliances or machines and will ensure the smooth running of your work.

In this blog, you will learn about the different types of generators that can be used in both your business and home spaces in UAE.

Different Types of Generators

The different types of generators range from small portable generators or inverters that can light up a small campsite to stand alone generators that are seen as permanent fixtures in homes or factories.

Portable generators

Portable generators are small, compact generators that can be easily carried and can cater to lighting up small areas, like a campsite. These generators usually use propane, solar energy, or natural gas, as these are easily available. Gas and propane can be easily obtained from a gas station, and solar energy can be obtained from the sun. As it is small in size, it can be a good travel companion, fit into cars, and be kept handy for times of need. It might not be able to provide the same energy efficiency as larger generators and can only function for a shorter amount of time. This also means that they are much more affordable than large generators. It can be used for camping, or in emergencies.

Inverter Generators

Inverter generators can be used as home generators or even as portable generators. It is usually seen at homes in UAE, as there is a difference in how inverter generators work. A standard generator only produces electricity in one phase, so the service isn’t stable. But, an inverter generator helps produce electricity in three phases and creates more stability in giving power; generating a high-frequency alternating current (AC), switching to a direct current (DC), and then switching back to an AC output after a final inversion. This electricity is clean in its form and is hence better used for charging electrical appliances like phones and computers, as there won’t be any sudden surge in electricity. They also do not make as much noise as normal generators.

Standby Generators

These generators come in higher price ranges. They can be called semi-permanent structures, which usually take up more space than a normal air conditioning unit. Standby generators are portable and can be fit into cars and small spaces and carried around. They have a huge fuel tank and a very commercial grade engine that ensures better fuel efficiency. It can be used to power a home during emergencies. Standby generators are also available with WiFi connectivity that can be controlled using a mobile-based application. The major disadvantage of having a standby generator is that it requires regular maintenance so that you can ensure it works properly during a blackout.

Gasoline Generators

Gasoline is one of the most popular fuels that a generator has run on since the beginning. It is not easy to make varied observations on the generators that run on gasoline. They are usually lightweight and have different compatibility from that of normal generators that run on gas. Gasoline generators are easy to operate and comparatively inexpensive when compared to other generators. It is always a good option for people who are buying generators on a budget. But, in the long run, it can cost more, as the fuel is expensive, and it also causes higher emission rates. It is a good choice for people who have infrequent use of generators.

Diesel Generators

Diesel generators, as their name suggests, use diesel instead of gasoline. Diesel generators are usually seen as standby generators and are very rarely seen or used as portable or inverter generators. It can provide much more energy efficiency than gasoline engines. This efficiency means that you have to spend less on diesel than gasoline generators in the long run. During winters, it is necessary to use winter diesel fuel as the regular fuel can solidify and form a gel that restricts the generator’s functioning. Having said that, diesel engines emit toxic substances that are dangerous if inhaled. It is an apt choice for people who are looking for standby generators for the whole workspace or home.

Gas Generators

Gas generators are usually classified as standby generators, but they are also available in portable forms. Evidently, they have the lowest emissions and are a good choice for home standby generators. Natural gas generators are known for their durability and work well with regular maintenance. The drawback that deters people from getting a gas generator is the initial cost of installing the generators. It is also not a very good choice for places that have extreme winters. It is a good choice for the environment.

Solar Generators

Solar generators can be considered an environmentally friendly option for generators. These generators are extremely expensive, but they give you the option to use a renewable source of energy. Solar generators are made with solar panels that are detachable and can be aligned and angled in a way so that more solar energy can be absorbed. It can be used to generate electricity in campsites, can be used as an emergency backup, and will easily fit inside the car. Eco-friendly shoppers can use it if they are ready to spend an insane amount of money for the installation.

Hydrogen Generators

Hydrogen generators are those generators that are quite new to the market. Therefore, they are not that easily available in UAE. As the name implies, these generators are fueled by hydrogen gas and promote extensive fuel efficiency.

They also have a good output of electricity and are less susceptible to damage from impacts. As there is not much availability of hydrogen generators, they can be outright expensive. Hydrogen generators are a good choice as they provide many hours of uninterrupted power supply.

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