Difference between Reborn Dolls than Any Normal Dolls You Should Know About

People very often ask what is unique about Reborn Dolls. Well, there is nothing wrong with it having quarries; till now, many people don’t know much about Reborn dolls. That is why this article about reborn dolls is here to help people discover the answers to their questions and doubts about the Reborn doll and what makes it different.

Difference between Reborn Dolls and Normal Dolls

Material –

People generally buy standard plastic dolls casually as a gift or toy, but they are made of plastic, and everything about this doll is complex, the skin, fingers etc. The texture of their hair, dress and the way it looks are also different. On the other hand, even though the vinyl record doll’s skin texture is somewhat hard, and the body is stiff, the Reborn silicone doll has an almost perfect skin texture as a baby. The material of this doll is different from the plastic ones, that’s why it feels real after touching it.

Looks –

This is the most convincing thing about Reborn dolls; the Plastic dolls don’t even look a bit like a human baby; they have no in-depth texture, the eyes are so significant for the head, hands are small etc. But the vinyl and Silicone Reborn dolls are made with craftsmanship; they look exactly like human dolls, especially the silicone dolls; that is why people get confused between dolls and human babies.


Most of the time, ordinary dolls are made of celluloid or rubber well, that’s why they are water resistant, but if you wash them so many times, you can see that the colours are changing and the doll won’t last long like this. Silicone Reborn dolls are mainly made of high-quality Silicone, and with proper care or by following the appropriate method of washing it, the colour or the texture of this doll will never change. The thought there is a different story about the Reborn vinyl doll as it is not at all washable.

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Weight –

You know that the plastic dolls are so light that kids love throwing them here and there. But the Reborn dolls, both silicone and vinyl dolls, are built in a way that their weight of it feels exactly like a human baby. So that when anyone holds it, it won’t feel as fake as a celluloid doll.

Availability –

Plastic dolls are readily available in the market, both online and offline. You can find various designs and models of it from all around the world. But as the reborn dolls are curved mainly by hand, you can customize them the way you want. Hence it’s not as readily available as the plastic ones; you need to know any craftsman of the reborn dolls or order it online, as they are hardly available in the market.


While buying a celluloid or rubber doll from the market and a silicon or vinyl Reborn baby doll from an online store, you can understand a noticeable difference in that part. The reborn dolls are way costlier than the plastic dolls. As the Reborn dolls are made mainly by hand and costly materials, therefore these dolls are supposed to be more expensive than the dolls made in factories. But if you adopt any Reborn dolls, then it is the only way you can easily find them affordable.


The purposes of these dolls are different; only one secondary similarity is to collect them. Apart from that, anyone who would have owned any of these dolls differs from this. The main reason people buy plastic dolls is to give them to their children to play with or as a gift. Then the reason people have reborn dolls are totally different. They keep these dolls to suppress the anxiety of new parents or parents whose children are Stillborn or miscarried.

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Reborn dolls are something that excites everyone; they are unique and different from any other dolls. If you want, you can buy plastic dolls, but if you are looking for realistic dolls, you can’t have that feeling without investing in a Reborn doll. The plastic dolls are suitable for playing and building for the kids, but the Reborn doll should belong to adults because only they can provide the care. So now, when everything is clear, you decide what doll you want to buy.

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