Create an Investment App: Recipe for Secure Investment’22

What derivatives create an investment app? What should an intelligent investor consider? How risky is it? Can it make you acquire stupendous wealth? Here’s some soup for your FinTech soul!

Financial institutions are taking the mobile ride. Practically, every major bank has an ‘all-in-one’ mobile app development to manage multiple money products, investment options (Demat, mutual fund), savings (accounts, deposits), loans, borrow (personal loan, gold loan, car loan, two-wheeler loan, four wheeler loan), and pay (UPI Payment, money transfer, cards, recharges) options.

Investment analysis and portfolio management seek to capture the essence of modern developments in investments. It describes the characteristics of various investment alternatives available to investors along with the techniques used in their valuation and analysis.

What are investment apps?

Investment applications are inform about publicly listed businesses. It upstages user demographics, therefor both novice, as well as experienced investors, can try picking up the pieces. These apps assist users in saving money and enhancing their assets by providing flexible resources at cheap application costs.

What is the need to have an investment app? How risky is it?

You may want to earn hundreds of thousands through the share market. There is nothing wrong with that desire. But losses are an integral part of the share market. To prevent dipping, and learning nuances of the field, instead of believing their instincts and investing blindly. To start with investment app development, learn about shares, the functioning of the share market, the relevance of stock market indices and different approaches for primary and secondary market investments.

  • Investor apps/Investment apps eliminate the need to hire investment professionals to manage investing operations.
  • Such applications prevent time-consuming negotiations by offering an informative backend system. For example – It can have pertinent information about a stock exchange or any other investment services.
  • Investment apps can include blogs, educational videos, images, trade secrets, and tips on investing securely to help users find out ways to invest that meet individual unique demands.
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What functions do investor apps perform and how can they affect your future investment decisions?

Financial institutions, brokerage companies, and asset management firms are always armed with good trading and investment app platforms. Such applications facilitate the active participation of investors beyond demographics.

Finance companies are encouraging their mobile app development teams to make their in-house apps more viable for use by retail investors. This includes a range of functions with a live picture of share market upturns and roundabouts.

How can investment apps make a difference?

Investment applications offer real-time information about publicly traded companies. It keeps early and experienced investors updated on the stock market and other financial sector investments.

There are many investment avenues across sectors, therefore there is a need to create a uniform investment app that lets investing across businesses.  A broker app will let you trade in the share market live as well as let you open a linked trading account. Banking apps may have investment options like fixed deposits, etc.

Famous Investment Apps in 2022 Who Have Acquired Stupendous Wealth

  • Betterment – Best app for overall investment
  • Invstr – Best app for investment in education
  • Acorns – Best app for lifelong saving
  • Wealthbase – Best app for trading games and contests
  • Wealthfront – Best app for managing the portfolio
  • Fidelity Investments – Best app to manage money
  • Robinhood – Best app for active trading
  • Charles Schwab – Best app for beginning investors
  • Ellevest – Best app for socially applicable investing
  • FinShell Pay
  • Binomo – Mobile Trading Online
  • Navi – Loans and Health Insurance
  • OctaFX Trading App
  • CoinDCX – Bitcoin Investment App
  • Groww – Stocks and Mutual Fund
  • Upstox Old – Stocks, MF and IPO’s
  • Angel One – Stocks, Demat, and IPO
  • ExpertOption – Mobile Trading
  • CoinSwitch – Bitcoin Crypto App
  • OctaFX Trading App
  • Axis Mobile – Pay, Invest and UPI
  • Navi – Loans and Health Insurance
  • Angel One – Stocks, Demat, and IPO
  • Cryptomania – Trading Simulator
  • ExpertOption – Mobile Trading
  • Mint – Business and Market News
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Where to invest (Financial Instruments) in 2022?

Business domains to consider while making your first investment:

  • Rental housing
  • Short-term certificates of deposit
  • High-yield savings accounts
  • Short-term government bond funds
  • Series I bonds
  • Short-term corporate bond funds
  • S&P 500 index funds
  • Dividend stock funds
  • Value stock funds
  • Nasdaq-100 index funds
  • Cryptocurrency

How to get started with investment app development?

To start investing, you need to open a Demat account. An investor app makes it easy to invest in the stock market. Investing via a Mobile app is easy, and instant and performs a plethora of functions. It makes it easier to track investors’ investments and generate a comprehensive financial portfolio.

What are the features of an investment app?

Here’s a list of features that are required in a user-friendly and conversion-oriented version of the investment application. Users must first create their personal profile, manage current assets monitor company performance and money management practices. They must be careful of the current – saving – credit management tools like infographics, pie charts, interactive bar graphs, etc. Such a system should be proven against IDPS (Intrusion Detection and Protection System) and DDoS attacks. Back the sign-up procedure with two-factor authentication to protect investors’ money and personal information. Introduce some data security and privacy into your application to protect customer rights. Your application must be inclusive of:

  • Personal Login & Accounts
  • Money Management Instruments
  • Protection of Security and Privacy
  • Comparative Analysis of Products
  • Alerts in Real-Time
  • Assistance to users

How to calculate the price of your mobile investment application?

Apply this formula to calculate the cost of your investment mobile app:

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Investment app development cost = Time to develop x Hourly Rate

It includes designing, developing frontend and backend, database, testing, and maintenance of the Android and iOS mobile apps. The cost of such an application also varies by time zones, region, target audience, demographics (age, profession, preferences), and business.

FinTech App Technology Stack

FinTech App Development is a large-scale project with complex architecture and app logic. The right technology stack largely defines its success and development speed. In the case of web app development, it requires selecting web frontend, web backend, DevOps and other related tools. Other advanced features include artificial intelligence and machine learning to create self-heal bots, and 24*7 virtual assistants. Here’s a basic investment app technology stack:

  • Frameworks – Ruby on Rails, Django, Spring, Angular and React.js
  • Programming Languages – Python, Java, Ruby
  • Databases – PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB
  • Backend – Java, .Net
  • DevOps – Jenkins, Docker
  • AI/ML – Amazon Sagemaker

In Conclusion: Why should you create an investment app?

If you want to develop an investment app that stands out amongst the competition, discern your business goals, and strategy and realize how to reach your destination. A financially viable investment app must be able to (1) Monitor a user’s investment and the corresponding financial portfolio, (2) Investors can invest in assets like stocks, mutual funds, commodities, etc. (3) Investors can open a Demat account, (4) Investor apps facilitate stock trading, (5) These provide a view of the stock market.

Such applications are great resources for learning and executing stepwise. If you are rounding off to the next dollar (for example – Stash or Acorn), you will take some time to get through to generate that wealth. If you wish to spend some time, steadily on every investment option, then Robinhood and Stockpile can be great companions.

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