Convert Hectare to Cent in India as Per Standard Guidelines

Converting a land measuring unit to another one can be an overwhelming task for many. However, individuals planning to purchase a house must be familiar with the relevant measuring units and their conversion process. For instance, one must know the definition of popular units, such as cent, hectare, acres, and more.

In this context, the standard land measure in India varies from state to state. This is where the conversion of hectare to cent or any other measuring unit comes to help. Thus, the following sections discuss two of the most common units, namely hectare and cent, and their conversion process.  

How to Convert Hectare to Cent?

Hectare is a land measuring unit used worldwide in countries like the UK, Australia, India, and more. The symbol ‘ha’ represents it.

On the other hand, cent is specifically used in the southern parts of India, such as Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, etc. In contrast, a hectare is used to measure larger pieces of land, and a cent measures smaller pieces of land. 

Having known their meanings, individuals can perform manual calculations regarding hectare to cent conversion. That said,

1 hectare = 247.10 cents

1 cent = 0.004 hectares

Thus, if one buys a significant piece of hand measuring up to 10 hectares, he/she would be buying a land piece equal to 2471 cents.

However, manual calculations might complicate things as the size of the land might not always be in round figures. This might lead to human calculator errors. Thus, individuals can use online conversion calculators. Such an online tool nullifies the possibility of errors and is easy to use.

Here’s a step by step guide to using an online calculator to convert hectares into cents:

Step 1: Open the area conversion calculator

Step 2: Choose the measuring area from the dropdown box

Step 3: Select the respective state

Step 4: Enter the necessary value in the field of hectare

Step 5: Click on convert

The calculator will display the result within seconds. In the same way, one can convert cents to hectares. 

nd this online area conversion calculator on most financial institutions’ websites. This online tool is extremely helpful when one applies for a loan against property as it lets the borrower know the property dimensions. Specifically, as a part of LAP eligibility, borrowers evaluate a property’s age, location and value before approving a loan application. 

Further, calculating the exact measure of one’s land is one of the most important factors to consider before taking a loan against property. This is because the land measurement value would determine the property’s market value and, subsequently, the loan amount one can borrow.

In India, property tax or house tax is a significant source of revenue for a state. The local government or municipal body entities levy property tax on properties, including all tangible real estate property, houses, office buildings, and rented spaces. The local government and municipal corporations use the collected tax amount to provide civic amenities.
As a result, property owners across states and cities are liable to pay this tax to government entities at specified dates. Read on to learn about the complete guidelines for paying Pune property tax.
Property owners of Pune must pay property tax (twice a year) to the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) or the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) on the basis of their location. The tax amount depends on location, area, occupancy (self-occupied or rented), and usage (residential or commercial).

Besides knowing the conversion process of hectares to cents, prospective borrowers must also know LAP eligibility and the list of documents needed to apply for a loan against property. Knowing these details beforehand would allow them in making a hassle-free application.

Further, for an even simplified and streamlined loan application process, several leading NBFCs in India offer pre-approved offers. These offers are applicable to existing customers and are available on various financial instruments, such as loans against property and home loans. You can easily check your pre-approved offer within seconds by entering your full name and contact details. 

In the above sections, the conversion of hectares to cents has been discussed both manually and digitally. Individuals can follow any of the methods they find convenient. However, for a hassle-free and error-free calculation, ensure to refer to an online area conversion calculator. 

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