Compact Checklist of Restaurant Equipment for Restaurants

In case you are willing to start with a restaurant chain of business. One of the biggest investments to make is in the kitchen. Businesses that are planning to kick start with a restaurant often find it intimidating on the thought of how to set up the kitchen. The kitchen is the center of the business and is the place where the menu comes to life.

In order to increase the functionality as well as the efficiency of the kitchen, it is important to have careful planning and thorough research for choosing the best set of restaurant equipment.  

While you brainstorm and design the overall layout of the establishment, make sure to pay attention to the list of the essential equipment that would help to set up the restaurant smoothly.

One most important consideration to make before brainstorming for the best equipment is that the restaurant kitchen is not like the home kitchen as you have dozens of people moving in and out throughout the day in different shifts.

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So, the key would be to choose compact and organized equipment as it not only minimizes the possibilities of accidents at the workplace but it will also ensure proper flow of work in serving the requirements of the guests.

Cooking Equipment

Cooking Equipment

These are the cornerstone of any given commercial kitchen. When you make your choice, it is important to analyze the pieces of equipment that will have the maximum usage.  Have a brief look at the list of cooking equipment for your establishment.

  • Oven
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This particular equipment is useful for baking, braising, roasting and for many other purposes and it depends on the requirement of the setup.

  • Deep Fryer

Fryers are an ideal choice for French fried, chicken tenders and many others preferable choice for the customers.

  • Grill

Chefs prefer grills as they impart a charred as well as smoky flavour to a wide range of recipes served in the restaurant.

  • Range

Ranges could be electric based or LPG-based, and it depends entirely on the preferences as well as kitchen setups.

Along with choosing the right cooking equipment, it is indispensable to choose the accurate power type for the kitchen.

Refrigeration Equipment

Food Refrigerator

Different styles of refrigeration equipment are available in the industry and businesses can choose their pick on the basis of the needs they have in the restaurant. Some of the examples are

  • Refrigerator

Commercial refrigerators are available in abundance, and they include walk-in coolers, pass-through options, reach-in fridges and many more.

  • Ice Machine

It is essential equipment to consider while setting up with the commercial restaurant. Ice work as an instrumental ingredient while making cocktails and mocktails.

  • Freezer

This is important to store raw food materials in order to deal with the surplus requirements of the guests visiting the place.

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The requirement for refrigerating equipment varies from company to company but now has almost become unavoidable for all the restaurants with a commercial kitchen.

Storage Equipment

food storage

Storage equipment is another important set of requirements that every commercial kitchen need. These are also effective for small wares and different equipment. Below are some standard pieces of storage equipment that are common with restaurants.

  • Bussing and Utility Carts
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These are crucial for bussing tables in the front of the house or in the back of the house for moving heavy ingredients from one place to another.

  • Shelving

Shelvings are best used for the freezer or in the walk-in cooler for storing different food items. You can use it for storing pots, dry ingredients, dinnerware, pans and lot more.

  • Food Storage Containers

Food storage containers have been the perfect example of multi-use restaurant equipment. These are useful for storing prepped items, stocks, mixed sauces, and even rice.

Considering the menu would help a lot in setting up with the new kitchen and deal with the type of storage as well as refrigeration equipment.

This post mainly talks about the restaurant equipment that most of the commercial kitchen needs to comply with, but there are many other equipment to match the business requirements. Of course, it depends a lot on the menu and the style of food the place serves. Make sure to get in touch with the professional service provider to get the best set of equipment and ensure utmost functionality of the restaurant.

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