Common e-Commerce Website Designing Errors You Should Avoid

Every entrepreneur has some precise expectations from his business, such as earning maximum profits and satisfying customers immensely. Business perspectives are different for different businesses. But these two are very common in every organization. While running a brick-and-mortar shop has some critical aspects of drawing customers’ attention, entrepreneurs can turn their dreams into reality by operating e-learning platforms or e-commerce websites. By partnering with the best e-commerce website development company, organizations can get a well-planned and designed website that can maximize ROI and customer satisfaction.

If the website is made poorly with many mistakes, it can ruin everything, from business expectations to revenue. So, when you design your website, some essential aspects should keep in your mind.

Making a customer-friendly website is the key to a successful online business. Although some inexperienced professionals make some common yet harmful mistakes, ensure to choose one of the best marketplace portal development companies to avoid mistakes and build a user-friendly e-commerce site.

Look at the common website designing mistakes:

Poor Quality Graphic Design

The quality of the website design directly affects the number of visitors. If your website looks appealing and attractive, more and more people show their interest in your business. On the other hand, aesthetically unpleasant and unattractive e-commerce websites certainly reduce the rate of visitors.

Thus, you should be attentive while choosing a marketplace portal development service and create an eye-catching website to attract customers and enhance sales.

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Small Fonts

Your website should be clean and easy to read. Never overcrowd it with unnecessary words, images, graphics, and videos. When a visitor visits your website, he/she should find it easy to read the content clearly. Thus, choose the font style and size carefully.

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With an experienced e-commerce development company, you have the right guidance on how to make your site striking using the right font size. Don’t use a small-sized font. If visitors find it difficult to read the content, they immediately leave the site. Many users browse the interest from their mobile device. They also find difficulties reading the content of the site.

Lack of Filter Navigation

When a visitor visits your online store, he/she wants to find things rapidly and easily. If your home page is poorly made, it has bad navigation, and there are problems in searching, you may lose the consumer within a second. No one will wait and think about how to use the navigator properly. Rather, they will leave your site and go for another one. Filtered navigation enables shoppers to search for products of their choice, budget, and interest. Choosing an item from millions of products is the toughest job, while with the filtered navigation system; e-learning platform providers can ease the problem.

No Search Bar

Having a search bar makes the website user-friendly. When visitors visit a website, they feel it more interesting to search for any product by typing on the search bar. So, searching becomes extremely easy, especially when there is no product category, and users can find their preferred items, spending almost no time by using the search bar.

Mandatory Registration

Registration may give you website a security, but it is always not good from the user’s perspective. On some websites, visitors should register them first before they purchase any product or service. This is a bothersome feature to log in every time you browse a website. Therefore, to make your website more user-friendly and attractive, never make registration a mandatory task.

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Lack Of Customer Care Information

The customer care contact number on each page is mandatory to provide while making a website, by an e-commerce development company. When someone visits a website for buying something, he/she wants to know how trusted the business is.

Whether the company can cheat with the client’s personal information or it is safe to continue transactions. During the transaction, customers provide their card details or personal info. Ensure a valid customer care contact number that clients cannot grow any negative perception of your business.

Broken Links or Missing Images

Ecommerce websites comprise plenty of videos, images, and links to get customers informed about the product or service. Sometimes broken links or missing image grows negative perception or image about your brand. Visitors become frustrated if they find broken links or missing images on the website.

At the first sight, the website should attract consumers with its aesthetics, strength, and informative nature. An e-commerce development company always keeps its close eyes to avoid mistakes that no shopper leaves the website for this reason.

To avoid website designing mistakes, choose one of the best e-learning platform providers and get more and more business from your e-commerce website.


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