Checkout Top NFT Gaming Trends in 2022

The NFT gaming trends, which are catching players’ attention in the digital world, are one of the exciting trends that will dominate the gaming markets in the future.

This specific game is encrypted using blockchain technology, which allows it to function as a play-to-earn game and generates enormous profits for gaming companies. These businesses have the chance to develop NFT gaming business models that will draw players who have a variety of ways to interact with and invest in their favorite games.

NFTs are now the foundation of numerous new games and are being added to many others. If you intend to create and invest in NFT game development, you should know current gaming fads to get a clearer picture. Let’s explore the NFT gaming trends that will rule in 2022 and soon after that!

6 Ways NFT Gaming is Transforming Traditional Gaming Sector

NFT games are powered by blockchain technology, which uses blocks to store data. A “chain” is created by connecting different blocks. The immutability and uniqueness of each block on the blockchain are notable features. Each asset is unique, which sets blockchain games apart from traditional games. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are the name given to these digital assets.

The play-to-earn feature is one of these NFT games’ distinguishing characteristics. As they play the games, players can earn exclusive NFTs. To make more money, players can exchange these prizes for real money. These games are still preferable to traditional ones that offer players nothing in return for their time and effort.

The market has embraced this new technology very much, and many game developers are looking to incorporate NFTs into their works. The market is now overrun with play-to-earn games attempting to take advantage of the expanding opportunity.

And what advantages do NFT games have?

There is, however, the issue of improved ownership. All the resources players gain from playing games are theirs to keep and use however they see fit. They can trade them for cryptocurrency, save them from increasing their value or transfer them to other games that accept NFTs.

Due to the decentralized nature of such game networks, in-game assets are also safer. The decentralized network provides more robust data encryption safeguards, protecting the players’ assets.

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Although there are many positive things to say about NFT games, these games have scalability issues. Scalability, also known as speed, describes the volume of transactions a system can process without experiencing a performance hit. Traditional game economies are centralized, which makes them quick and easy to use. Blockchain games, however, are slower and can only handle a small number of transactions at once because they are decentralized.

After that, let’s look at six interesting NFT trends for 2022 and how tokenization is used in various games.

1. A Change in How People View NFT Gaming

Since CryptoKitties made a successful entry into the market, the idea of NFT gaming has grown in popularity. However, the entrance wasn’t exactly smooth. Many argued that the industry wasn’t prepared for a decentralized system and opposed the technology.

Recall how mobile games were mocked in real life almost ten years ago, before the free-to-play business model and in-app purchases made them the most popular and lucrative segment of the video game industry. NFTs experienced the same hostility but overcame it and are now poised to influence the industry in the years to come.

When the technology first arrived on the scene, many developers opposed it; however, they later came around. The first sign of opposition came from Ubisoft developers, who were compelled to remove the YouTube video announcing the launch of their NFT platform, Quartz, in response to complaints from players. TheyDespite their reservations, they nevertheless continued to incorporate NFTs into their games, beginning with NFT microtransactions in Ghost Recon, dee anticipate that this change will have an impact on a number of well-known video game franchises in the future, and as players gain a better understanding of the advantages of NFTs, their perception of this technology will improve.

2. Conventional Franchises Embracing Trends

Many people anticipated that NFTs would only be a short-lived fad that small developers would use to experiment with blockchain technology. Still, the big franchises were the ones to seize the opportunity. Among the established brands, Konami and Ubisoft have declared their support for blockchain technology and NFT. While Konami produced several Castlevania JPEGs for its 35th anniversary, Ubisoft added microtransactions to Ghost Recon.

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Another video game giving NFTs a considerable boost is NBA Top Shot. In just 5 months since it was made available to a global audience, NBA Top Shot, a digital recreation of collectible cards, developed by Dapper Labs and published by Animoca Brands, has surpassed $100 million in sales. The game’s highest weekly earnings came from just 60,000 users and totaled $60 million. CryproKitties by Dapper Lab, in contrast, have sold $40 million since their debut in 2017.

3. Expansion of Gaming economy

The new video game paradigm, “Play to Earn” (P2E), combines entertainment and DeFi to produce a new game genre that enables players to earn money while playing. More and more games and projects aim to build self-sustaining economies by providing incentives that balance the utility of NFT and tokens.

The play-to-earn model has allowed players to own their digital assets and do whatever they want fully. Blockchain technology is used to create play-to-earn games that let players earn items in-game in the form of NFTs or cryptocurrency tokens. In this manner, the games compensate players for their time by giving them the aforementioned valuable digital assets.

4. Introduction of P2E NFT Games

The development of blockchain technology has sped up the development of NFT games. As developers scramble to capitalize on the enormous demand for decentralized gaming systems over the past couple of years, we have seen a proliferation of NFT games released. One of the well-known games that came out at this time is Soccer Manager Elite. In order to increase the transparency and security of in-game assets, the game is entirely decentralized and serverless.

Additionally, Splinterlands was the most popular blockchain game in 2021. The game registered more than 500,000 new users in the first week and processed 17 million transactions, setting a new record.

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The year will end with the release of some massive games like Sipher and Illuvium. A play-to-earn system will be used in the open-world role-playing game Illuvium to help players win exclusive prizes. Sipher will be a futuristic game with the aspirational open-world experience at its core.

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5. Development of Specific Blockchain Gaming Platforms

The number of transactions that can be processed at once is constrained by the current blockchain platforms’ slow processing speeds. Most don’t even support native NFT trading, which increases reliance on intermediaries.

Devoted blockchain platforms have emerged as a result of these issues. One of these platforms, Ardor, addresses the security issues with the current systems by providing sophisticated customization and privacy features. By allowing developers to use built-in transactions to support a variety of NFT functions like registration, trading, mining, and transfers, Ardor also eliminates the need for smart contracts to support NFTs.

6. Shift in Understanding of “value.”

NFTs are frequently bought for high prices, as we’ve seen, and then valued even higher. But it is challenging to make NFTs that affordable and extremely valuable. The value of an NFT need not be this way. Here, the concept of “value” is relevant because an NFT might only have value to the player, not to others. So how do we ensure that NFTs are truly valuable? The following game marketing techniques are helpful;

In the form of movable game-transferable assets, such as weapons and skins.

In the state of unique game records that document a player’s progress through the game.

Unique collectibles to hold onto rather than buy (especially if they are non-transferable).

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