Brief Insights on the Responsibilities of a Bond Cleaner

There are several duties that a bond cleaner or an exit cleaner has to perform for proper cleaning of households before relocation to a new residence. It becomes difficult for the tenants to do the whole work by themselves, so one can opt for a bond cleaner for the process to become quicker and tidier.

Oven Cleaning

Nowadays, microwaves and chimneys are present in every household’s open and enclosed kitchen. The bond cleaner will first open the oven door and find out if there are any food residuals or not; then, with the help of a smooth cloth and cleansing agents like baking soda water solution, the oven will be cleaned.

Carpet Cleaning

Before the carpet cleaning process, the furniture needs to be removed to another room. Firstly, the cleaner takes out the top-layer dirt by vacuuming it. Secondly, the cleaner will check if there is any stubborn stain on the carpet that needs to be removed.

A carpet shampoo will be used to remove hard stains. Then, at last, the cleaner will blow dry the carpet with the help of a strong vacuum and finally sprinkle a baking soda & salt mixture to remove any extra smell and keep it fresh and clean for a longer time.

Ceiling Cleaning

At first, with a ladder’s help, the cleaner will clean all the webs and the wall stains on the ceiling. Next, the molding ceiling or the crown parts can be cleaned with the help of a hard wet cloth for proper removal of tough stains.

For the cleaning of a ceiling fan, it will be taken down, and then with the help of a water-vinegar diluted solution, the cleaner will clean and re-position it. The cleaner can paint the ceiling walls whose colours have faded with an extra payable amount.

Floor Cleaning

If the floor is textured, the cleaner will use a Microfiber Mop as the stains of a textured floor might be difficult to remove. The cleaner might use a steam mop that wets and cleanses the floor if the floor is smooth. Subsequently, the floor is set to dry.

Professionals offering services for deep clean in the Gold Coast as well as any other preferred locations also make use of eco-friendly products so that it has less impact on the well-being of the people living.

Swimming Pool Cleaning

The bond cleaner first takes out any solid visual waste with the help of a big net. A pool vacuum is used to clean the pool, which removes any extra dirt or grime from the pool. After proper measurement of the gallons of pool water, chlorine is added to clean it to maintain the proper pH level of the water. Sometimes, pool shock is also used instead of chlorine as a better sanitizing agent and for better removal of any excreta present in the pool.

Companies offering best bond cleaning in the Gold Coast or any other location performs these tasks as mentioned above if hired. The whole exit cleaning becomes less time-consuming in this process, especially if someone resides in a two or three-storeyed house.

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